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Zombie jokes ๐ŸงŸ in 2021

What do zombies eat for dessert?
– Eyes cream.

I walked past Mozart’s grave.
– He was sitting up, shouting “Braaiinnss” and ripping up all his music.
– I guess he’s a decomposer now.

What did the zombie band call themselves?
– The Walking Dead!

How do zombies measure time?
– In decay-eds!

What brand of underpants do zombies wear?
– Fruit of the tomb.

What do vegetarian zombies say?
– Graaaiiinnss!

What does a zombie do when heโ€™s sick?
– He groans and coffins!

Why did the zombie get rushed to the hospital?
– Because he was in a grave condition.

Which kind of pizza is a zombieโ€™s favorite?
– Bite-sized ones!

Why don’t zombies eat comedians?
– They taste funny.

What did the zombie say when she thought the werewolf was keeping secrets?
– Spill the zombeans.

Why was the zombie always grinning?
– Because he had no lips!

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