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Zombie jokes ๐ŸงŸ in 2021

What money do zombies use?
– Crypt-o-currency.

What did the zombie kid call his toy bear?
– Deaddy.

Why didnโ€™t the zombie cross the road?
– Because there were no brains on the other side!

How do zombies dance?
– Step, step, groan, repeat!

What do you call a Mexican zombie?
– Zombre!

Why can’t the zombie get a job?
– They all want someone more lively.

What did the ghoul call the zombie’s father when he left the car at home?
– The walking Dad.

What holiday do zombies celebrate each year?
– The day of the apocalypse!

Why did the zombie never need to go to the hairdresser?
– Because he had un-dead ends!

Why did the girl fall in love with the zombie?
– She said he was just so infectious

What did the zombie bring to the barbecue?
– Halloweenies.

The zombie had had a really long day at work.
– She was dead tired.

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