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Zombie jokes 🧟 in 2023

Zombies may appear slightly disordered at times.
– But their food is always mindful.

What cars do zombies drive?
– Monster trucks.

What do zombies say to their sweethearts?
– I chew-s you.

Why do zombies prefer to eat straight-A students?
– Because they have big brains!

What’s a zombie’s favorite drink?
– A shot of te-kill-ya!

What the name of the 1940’s hit song zombies love to listen to?
– Diamonds are a ghoul’s best friend!

What do zombie actors do before they perform?
– They re-hearse.

What do you call a zombie with lots of kids?
– A mom-ster.

How do zombies fall asleep?
– They count brain cells!

Why couldn’t the zombie hunt people anymore?
– Because he had lost his guts!

Why cant zombies be arrested?
– Because you’ll never take them alive!

What kind of potatoes do zombies like?
– Monster mash.

The zombie worked for years to win this prize.
– He showed real dead-ication.

Where do zombies congregate?
– On either hemisphere of the brain!

What do zombies say before they eat?
– Bone Appetit!

Stand-up comedy is a great gig for a zombie.
– Either they are dying up there, or they are killing it.

What makeup do zombies wear?
– Ma-scare-a.

What do undead railway tunnels say?
– Trrrraaaiiinss….

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