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Hockey jokes 🏒 in 2022

What is the reason that the ice hockey rink has curved corners?
– Because if they were square with an angle of 90 degrees, the ice would simply melt.

Why are sparrows good at playing ice hockey?
– Because they are excellent at ‘chirp’-ing.

Why were so many track marks on the ice of the hockey rink?
– The maintenance authority must be slipping up.

Why are hockey players good at making new friends easily?
– Because they know how to break the ice real quick.

Why do hockey players avoid dressing up for Halloween?
– Because they have to take their face-off.

What do you call a rapper’s dog playing ice hockey?
– Scoop Dogg.

What is an ice hockey fan’s favorite dessert to eat while watching a horror movie?
– An I-scream.

What makes the defeated hockey team and scrambled eggs similar?
– Both are beaten up real bad.

What happened when a bunch of friends decided to go to the hockey game?
– Everyone agreed it was too far, and they will have to put that idea on ice.

How was Stan Lee an outstanding hockey player?
– When he went to his very first hockey practice, he already had the Stanley Cup.

What did the coach tell the new hockey player?
– I got my eyes on you.

Why was the hockey player arrested and taken to jail?
– They say he shot the ball.

What did Rick Martin, Rene Robert, and Gilbert Perrault have in common while playing hockey?
– They had a French connection.

What was the hockey player’s reaction when he accidentally slipped and fell on the ice?
– He gave everyone the cold shoulder.

What is the favorite meal of an Eskimo hockey player?
– Ice berg’ers.

What did a goalie say to the puck after the game of hockey?
– “Catch you later, mate.”

Heard about the hockey player who was ice-fishing?
– He got run over by the Zamboni.

Why did the horse go to the hockey trials?
– He misheard it and thought it was jockey trials.

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