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Hockey jokes 🏒 in 2023

What was the coach’s reaction when it was announced that the team’s starting goalie would not be able to join the game due to a peanut allergy reaction?
– “That’s nuts.”

What was on the menu for the winning hockey team?
– Stanley Cupcakes.

Do you know about the hockey player who could not listen to music?
– Because he broke a record.

Why was the dog who was playing hockey put in the penalty box?
– He got 2 minutes for ruffing.

What do you call a dad and son duo invited over for dinner at the hockey coach’s home?
– It was the Father, the Son, and the goalie host.

How many NHL players can jump higher than a crossbar?
– All of them, because a crossbar can’t jump!

Why can’t carpenters play hockey?
– Because they get nailed to boards.

How are hockey players paid?
– With a check.

Why do field hockey players always carry an extra pair of shoelaces?
– In case they want to tie the score.

Why it is advised not to crack jokes while playing ice hockey?
– The ice might crack up.

If potato chip companies launch air hockey, what would it be?
– It would be just air and less hockey.

When do hockey players wear formal attire?
– When it is a tie game!

What does an Eskimo hockey player love to eat?
– Ice berg’ers.

What was the zombie doing at the hockey rink?
– He was there to take the ride on zombieoni.

What is the difference between wrestling and hockey?
– The fights are real in hockey.

Which animal is really good at playing hockey?
– A score-pion.

What happened when hockey legends Jean Ratelle, Rod Gilbert, and Vic Hadfield started to tell a joke?
– They soon reached the GAG line.

What did the player say to his coach when he was teaching him a new playing strategy?
– Oh, icy!

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