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Hockey jokes 🏒 in 2023

What was the coach’s reaction when it was announced that the team’s starting goalie would not be able to join the game due to a peanut allergy reaction?
– “That’s nuts.”

What was on the menu for the winning hockey team?
– Stanley Cupcakes.

Do you know about the hockey player who could not listen to music?
– Because he broke a record.

What does music and ice hockey game have in common?
– If a person doesn’t C sharp, the person will B flat.

What is the similarity between a game of hockey and an airboat?
– Loud fans.

Why could the shoe shop owner not find the right sized shoe for a hockey player?
– It was a square foot.

What happened to the new ice hockey player, whose performance was not up to the mark?
– He got cold feet.

Who was the famous sitcom character that loved hockey?
– Stanley from “The Off-ice”

Why do people say that carpenters can not play hockey?
– They always get nailed to the boards.

Why did the hockey player climb on the tree with his hockey stick?
– He wanted to join the maple leafs.

What happened when the ice hockey referee made a wrong decision?
– The team wanted just-ice.

Who are the comedic trio that Detroit Red Wings fans love with all their hearts?
– The Monty Babcock’s Flying Circus.

What would you call the former amateur hockey players who has regrets for not playing the game professionally?
– Wayne Regretzky!

Why was the hockey player sent to the penalty box?
– After numerous icings in a hockey game, he needed time to thaw out.

What’s a hockey player’s favorite Italian pasta?
– Zam’roni.

What happened to the hockey player who demanded money?
– He was given a check.

What position would Luke Skywalker play if he was on the Star Wars hockey team?
– X-Wing.

Do you know the secret behind the fitness of New Jersey Devils hockey players?
– They say it is exorcising.

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