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Flower jokes ๐ŸŒป in 2022

What does a flower therapist ask her patients?
– โ€œAre you feeling bouquet?โ€

Thistle while you work.

Someone has been adding soil to my garden. The plot thickens.

What is the most beautiful Italian flower?
– The Spaghett-me-not.

What do you call flowers who are BFFs?
– Buds.

I took a photo of my flower.
– Now it can photosynthesize.

We should put our tulips together.

Mountains arenโ€™t just funny. Theyโ€™re hill areas.

You canโ€™t plant flowers…
…if you havenโ€™t botany.

What does an alcoholic flower say when they reach out for help?
– Lilac the ability to stop.

What did the dog do on his walk in the park?
– Peony on this tree, peony on that tree.

My favorite shoes are Crocus.

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