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Leprechaun jokes ☘️👑 in 2021

Jon: How can you tell if a potato is not from Ireland?
– Sami: Not sure.
– Jon: When it’s a French fry.

How can you tell if an Irishman is having a good time?

– He’s Dublin over with laughter

Who is St. Patrick’s favorite superhero?

– The Green Lantern

Knock, knock.

– Who’s there?

– Leper

– Leper who?

– Lepon con and I’m here to pinch you.

How should you greet someone on March 17?
– Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Ella: What did Saint Patrick say when he drove all the snakes out of Ireland?
– Bella: I don’t know.
– Ella: “Everyone got seat belts on back there?”

Why can’t you borrow money from a leprechaun?

– Because they’re always a little short

Why do leprechauns prefer dollar bills to coins?

– Because they’re green

What kind of spells do leprechauns use?
– Lucky Charms!

What kind of music should you listen to on St. Patrick’s Day?
– Sham-rock and roll.

What do you call a leprechaun with a sore throat?

– A streprechaun

What does it mean when you find a horseshoe?

– Some poor horse is going barefoot

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