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Pig Jokes 🐷 in 2023

Did you hear the story of the man who was trampled to death by a wild pig…
– I’d tell you, but it was a real bore

Did you hear about the pig that ran the Post Office?
-He was the first Porkmaster General.

What do you call a pig with three eyes?
– A piiig!

A pig just won the lottery. What do you call him?
-Filthy rich!

What is the difference between hot potato and a flying pig?
-One’s a heated yam, and one’s a yeeted ham.

What do pigs bring to the beach?
– A surf-boar-d

What did the police officer say to the pig thief?
– Come out with your hams up!

They always say “when pigs fly”…
-but cops have had helicopters for years!

What do pigs call the washing machine?
– The hogwash.

What do you call a pig that’s sunburned

How do pigs get to the hospital?
-In ham-bulances.

What do you get if you cross a dinosaur and a pig?
-Jurassic pork!

What do you get when you play Tug-of-War with a pig?

I saw a stage production of “The Three Pigs” yesterday.
-The pigs were pretty boaring, but the wolf really brought down the house.

What is a pig’s favourite sport?
-Mud wrestling.

My father was killed by a herd of pigs.
-The coroner labeled his death a sooie-cide

What do you call if a pig is in a tug of war
– Pulled pork

How do MI5 pigs write top secret messages to one another?
– Through invisible oink!

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