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Bigfoot jokes in 2023

My girlfriend is like Bigfoot
– She hasn’t been found yet but I have faith she’s still out there.

Yo mama so hairy
– She accidentally guest starred on Finding Bigfoot

I’m having trouble focusing on my work
– said the bigfoot photographer.

What does Bigfoot do at the gym?
– Sasquats

What do you call it when Bigfoot is watching you?
He is Sasquatching your every move.
-Thanks MST3K

What does a Chinese man and Bigfoot have in common?
– They are blurry on film

Did you hear the one about Bigfoot in the campground?
– It was in tents

What do Bigfoot and Prince’s grandson have in common?
– They both have grand paw prints.

How does Bigfoot tell time?
– With his sask-watch.

Photographing Bigfoot is…
– no small feat.

Why is is that you only see bigfoot in America
– Because you see bigmeters everywhere else

What would you call Bigfoot if he were female?
– Snatchsquatch.

What do you call footage of Bigfoot?
– Bigfootage

What did the Italian bigfoot say when someone yelled, “Hey Abominable Snowman, are you ready to go?”
– “Not-a-Yeti”

Do you know the real reason Bigfoot is so good at hiding?
…he owes Chuck Norris money

My college acceptance speech:
– I’d like to thank Bigfoot for believing in me even though I never believed in him.

Ya know what’s rarer than bigfoot?
– A BMW driver that uses their turn signal

I don’t believe in Bigfoot
– Because he never believed in me. I’d scan the crowd at my school recitals and always saw that one empty seat.

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