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Bigfoot jokes in 2023

My girlfriend is like Bigfoot
– She hasn’t been found yet but I have faith she’s still out there.

Yo mama so hairy
– She accidentally guest starred on Finding Bigfoot

I took off into the woods last night to do some soul-searching…
– I found Bigfoot, but no soul.

I’m having trouble focusing on my work
– said the bigfoot photographer.

Bigfoot is like a father to me…
… I’ve only ever seen him in photos, never in real life.

Researchers say Bigfoot was finally discovered and captured on a mountain trail recently. Despite it’s enormous size, it proved easy to capture due it’s very low intelligence. The head researcher was shocked by just how fat and dumb it was. The beast will be held in captivity for a while.
– In related news, your mom won’t be returning from her hike anytime soon.

Why could Bigfoot not have children?
– Because he got his sack squatched.

Most people don’t believe in Bigfoot. But I do.
– I think he can do anything he puts his mind to, if he tries hard enough.

What is the difference between Bigfoot and an intelligent blonde?
– There have actually been sightings of Bigfoot.

Did you guys see that episode of Finding Bigfoot last night? [SPOILERS]
– They didn’t find Bigfoot.

How does Bigfoot know what time it is?
He looks at his sasquatch.

I made this up at work. It’s a dad-joke for sure. I googled it and found no record of it.

What do I win?

What does Bigfoot do at the gym?
– Sasquats

What do you call it when Bigfoot is watching you?
He is Sasquatching your every move.
-Thanks MST3K

What does a Chinese man and Bigfoot have in common?
– They are blurry on film

Did you hear the one about Bigfoot in the campground?
– It was in tents

What do Bigfoot and Prince’s grandson have in common?
– They both have grand paw prints.

How does Bigfoot tell time?
– With his sask-watch.

Photographing Bigfoot is…
– no small feat.

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