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Bigfoot jokes in 2022

Yo mama so hairy
– She accidentally guest starred on Finding Bigfoot

Bigfoot walks into a bar..
– The bartender is no longer able to discern reality and spends the rest of his life in a mental institution.

What do you get when bigfoot stomps on your garden?
– Squash

What is bigfoots favorite thing to eat?
– Squash

What do you call a sketchy looking Bigfoot?
– A Susquatch.

How does Bigfoot know what time it is?
– His Sasquatch

What is the difference between a smart blonde and Bigfoot?
– There have been reported sightings of bigfoot

What is Bigfoots favorite exercise?
– Sasquats.

What do you call Bigfoot when he has an attitude?
– A sass-squatch

What kind of vehicle does Bigfoot drive?
– A big toe-truck

I always hear people comparing my dad to Bigfoot…
– He’s 7 ft tall, hairy, has huge feet, and I haven’t seen him once

Best New Reality Show
– Amish,Midget,Moonshiners, search for Bigfoot

Yo mama’s so hairy, when she goes camping
– Bigfoot tries taking pictures of her

Where does big-foot keep his genitals?
– In his sascrotch!

I’m having trouble focusing on my work
– said the bigfoot photographer.

A smart blonde is like Bigfoot.
– They might be out there, but I haven’t seen any proof

Bigfoot is like a father to me…
… I’ve only ever seen him in photos, never in real life.

Researchers say Bigfoot was finally discovered and captured on a mountain trail recently. Despite it’s enormous size, it proved easy to capture due it’s very low intelligence. The head researcher was shocked by just how fat and dumb it was. The beast will be held in captivity for a while.
– In related news, your mom won’t be returning from her hike anytime soon.

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