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Bigfoot jokes in 2023

Yo mama so hairy
– She accidentally guest starred on Finding Bigfoot

I’m having trouble focusing on my work
– said the bigfoot photographer.

My girlfriend is like Bigfoot
– She hasn’t been found yet but I have faith she’s still out there.

How does Bigfoot tell time?
– With his sask-watch.

Photographing Bigfoot is…
– no small feat.

Why is is that you only see bigfoot in America
– Because you see bigmeters everywhere else

What would you call Bigfoot if he were female?
– Snatchsquatch.

What do you call footage of Bigfoot?
– Bigfootage

What did the Italian bigfoot say when someone yelled, “Hey Abominable Snowman, are you ready to go?”
– “Not-a-Yeti”

Do you know the real reason Bigfoot is so good at hiding?
…he owes Chuck Norris money

My college acceptance speech:
– I’d like to thank Bigfoot for believing in me even though I never believed in him.

Ya know what’s rarer than bigfoot?
– A BMW driver that uses their turn signal

I don’t believe in Bigfoot
– Because he never believed in me. I’d scan the crowd at my school recitals and always saw that one empty seat.

What does Bigfoot do to keep his glutes in shape?
– Sasquats

Bigfoot is like the G-spot of the Forrest.
– No one can find him.

I’m watching Finding Bigfoot
– Spoiler alert: They didn’t find him.

Everyone on the planet is chasing imaginary monsters with their phone
– But when I do it I need to “grow up” and “quit looking for Bigfoot.”

What do u call a female Bigfoot?
– Snatchsquatch

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