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Bigfoot jokes in 2022

What is bigfoots favorite thing to eat?
– Squash

What do you call a sketchy looking Bigfoot?
– A Susquatch.

How does Bigfoot know what time it is?
– His Sasquatch

What is the difference between a smart blonde and Bigfoot?
– There have been reported sightings of bigfoot

What is Bigfoots favorite exercise?
– Sasquats.

What do you call Bigfoot when he has an attitude?
– A sass-squatch

What kind of vehicle does Bigfoot drive?
– A big toe-truck

I always hear people comparing my dad to Bigfoot…
– He’s 7 ft tall, hairy, has huge feet, and I haven’t seen him once

Best New Reality Show
– Amish,Midget,Moonshiners, search for Bigfoot

Yo mama’s so hairy, when she goes camping
– Bigfoot tries taking pictures of her

Where does big-foot keep his genitals?
– In his sascrotch!

I’m having trouble focusing on my work
– said the bigfoot photographer.

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