Math jokes โž•โž– in 2021

I will do algebra, and I will do trig. I will even do statistics.
-But graphing is where I draw the line!

Why did the two 4’s skip lunch?
-They already 8!

Why should you argue with decimals?
-Decimals always have a point.

If I had six oranges in one hand and four apples in the other hand, what would I have?
-Really big hands!

It is always a good idea to bring mathematicians camping.
-They come prepared with a pair of axis.

A farmer counted 196 cows in the field.
-But he only had 200 after rounding them up.

Why are obtuse angles so depressed?
-Because they are never right.

Why didn?t Bob drink a glass of water with 8 pieces of ice in it?
-It was too cubed.

Pi was fighting with an imaginary number.
-“Get real,” Pi said. “Be rational,” the Imaginary number said.

Why is it sad that parallel lines have so much in common?
-Because they will never meet.

I put my root beer in a square glass.
-Now it is just beer.

Why do plants hate math?
Because it gives them square roots.


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