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Baseball Jokes ⚾ in 2022

Have you heard about the disease named after a baseball skill?
-It’s catching.

Why are baseball players so rich?
-Because they play on diamonds.

What runs around a baseball field but never moves?
-A fence.

If a basketball team were chasing a baseball team, what time would it be?
-Five after nine. (9:05)

Why do RV mechanics make good baseball players?
-Because they know how to make a home run.

Why is the baseball stadium hot after the game?
-Because all the fans have left.

I opened a fresh loaf of bread and found a baseball card wedged between two slices.
-It was a Catcher in the Rye.

A baseball came through my window today
-It really hit home

What keeps the beat in a baseball song?
-The base line. (bass line)

What do you get when you cross a baseball player with a monster?
-A double header!

Which animal is best at baseball?
– The bat.

Why didn’t the Confederate soldier want to go to the baseball game?
-He heard the Yankees were playing.

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