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Otter jokes 🦦 in 2023

Why did the otter join NASA?
– She wanted to get to otter space.

What did the grape say when the otter stood on it?
– Nothing; it just let out a little wine.

What advice did the seal give to the beaver?

– Always be kind to otters

What do you call an otter who just got new glasses?
– A see otter!

What does an otter look like after it has shaved its fur off?
– Odder.

Why did the otter go “woof woof”?

– It was learning a new language.

How does an otter get into an honest business?
– Usually through the skylight.

What did the walrus say to the seal after dating for only a few months?
– This isn’t working. I think we should be seeing otters!

I might have been a bit bruised after I had a tussle with a sea mammal, but you should have seen the otter guy.

What type of otter says “moo”?
– One that is learning a new language.

Why was the Otter able to fly the 747 plane?

– It had otterpilot mode.

What do you call a maternal Turkish robot water weasel?
– An Ottoman otter-mom automaton.

How do you save a drowning otter?
– Take your foot of its head

I get beavers and similar animals mixed up…
– I otter know better.

What is an otter’s favorite Adele song?
– “Hello (from the Otter Slide).”

Why was the penguin allowed to go into the otter enclosure at the zoo?

– He played well with otters.

What did the principal say when the otters got detention?
– You otter be ashamed of yourself!

Why did walrus marry the whale?
– Because she wasn’t like all the otters.

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