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Otter jokes 🦦 in 2022

Why did walrus marry the whale?
– Because she wasn’t like all the otters.

What is the difference between an otter and a navy aircrewman?

– The otter knows he is not a seal.

What do you call an otter with a carrot in each ear?
– Anything you want as he can’t hear you!

What type of car does an otter like to drive?
– A Fur-ari!

What did the otter mom say to her pups?
– “I’ve had it up to here with your otter nonsense.”

What did the otter say to the judge?
– Put it on the log that my otterney told me to plead innocent.

What did the vet say when he helped deliver the baby otter?

– Wow, she is otterable. (adorable)

Why did the chicken go to the zoo?
– To get to the otter slide.

Two aquatic mammals just broke up.
– They wanted to sea otter people.

What is the name of the famous book about a wizard otter?
– Harry Otter.

What would you rather be: a polar bear or a little otter?
– A little (h)otter.

What is an otters favourite sandwich spread for their bread?

– Otterly Butterly

What do you call a sea otter with mushrooms in both ears?
– Anything you want… she can’t hear you!

What is the best animal to be on a cold day?
– A little otter.

Why did the seal cross the road to the zoo?
– To get to the otter slide.

Did you hear about the otter that snuck onto a Nasa rocket?

– He was trying to get to otter space.

What do you drive in a river?
– An otter-mobile.

An otter was busy moving, but got very tired and sat down to rest.
– He said: I’m otterly bored of logging all of this around!

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