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Vegetable jokes 🥕🍅🥒 in 2022

why did the baba ganoush grow up big and strong?
– it had good auber-genes

Where did the cucumbers go on their date?
– The salad bar.

If you have five cabbages in one hand and six cauliflowers in the other hand, what do you have?
– Big hands.

What is a urethra’s favorite vegetable?
– Pea shoots

Why did the Tomato go out with a prune?
– Because he couldn’t find a date!

What did one carrot say to the other carrot?
– Is it orange in here, or is it just me?

What is a plumber’s favourite vegetable?
– Leeks.

My buddy says he can communicate with vegetables.
– Jack and the beans talk.

What’s the official vegetable of Alabama?
– Pump-kin.

What did one snowman say to the other?
– It all smells like carrots to me.

How do you cheer up a baked potato?
– You butter her up.

What vegetable grows in basements?
– Cellar-y.

What do you call broccoli that skinned it’s knee?
– Scabbage

I bought my girlfriend vegetables on valentine’s day
– She thinks i’m corny

why did the potatoes argue?
– because they couldnt see eye to eye.

What is a kayaker’s favourite kind of lettuce?
– Row-maine.

What was the cause of the veggie protest?
– An information leek.

What vegetable can work as a sports announcer?
– A common tater.

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