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Flamingo jokes 🦩 in 2022

How do flamingos clean themselves?
– They flaminget a shower.

Why did the flamingo go to the salad bar?
– For the shrimp!

What language do pink birds speak?
– Fla-lingo.

I published a book about flamingos,
– it flew off the shelves.

What spicy, pink breakfast cereal do birds eat?
– Flaming O’s

What does an eagle like to write with?
– A bald-point pen.

When should you buy a flamingo?
– When it’s cheep.

Which Australian bird is pink?
– The Fla-dingo.

Why couldn’t the zoo keep the flamingo?
– It was James’s flamingo. (James’s flamingo is a type of flamingo)

How do flamingos celebrate a birthday?
– They party like a flock star.

How do pink birds find friends?
– They fla-mingle.

How do lovebirds dance?
– Chick to chick.

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