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Skeleton Jokes 💀 in 2022

What did the skeleton bring to the picnic?
-Spare ribs.

What is a skeletons favorite snack?

Where does a necromancer get skeletons?
-He works his zombies to the bone.

When does a skeleton laugh?
-When someone tickles his funny bone.

What do you call a skeleton snake?
-A rattler.

Why did the wither skeleton fail his test?
-Because his answers were netherrite.

Happy Halloween: Who knows how much 2000 decomposed bodies weigh?
-A skeleton.

What kind of dishes do skeletons serve tea on?
-Bone china.

While we were in coitus, a skeleton fell from the chandelier (nsfw)
-Well that certainly bones the mood

Why can’t skeletons play church music?
-Because they have no organs.

How do French skeletons say hello?

What’s a skeleton’s least favourite room in a house?
-The living room

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