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Cactus jokes 🌵🌵 in 2022

What did the porcupine say to the cactus?
– Is that you, Dad?

What do you call a rude cactus?
– A prick.

Never drought my love for you.

When the cactus went to the plant college, he met many new kinds of plants. His new friend told him, “You seem pretty fly for a cacti.”

We watched a thriller movie about a cactus the other day that had an amazing twist at the end of it. My dad said afterward, “Well, that had a spiketacular ending.”

May your friends be better to you than a cactus. I’ll sure be one of them.

What did one cactus say to the other cactus?
– “Stick with me and we’ll go places.”

I once knew a cactus that lived on Sesame Street. I used to call it Prickle me Elmo.

The little cactus was worried about being bad at math. Her teacher tried to encourage her by saying, “Don’t worry. Keep trying. Cactus makes perfect.”

The coach was choosing players for the baseball team. The overly excited cactus yelled: “Prick me! Prick me!”

What’s the one job you should never give a cactus at your birthday party?
– Blowing up the balloons.

Is there something wrong with your cactus?
– Yes, but I can’t put my finger on it.

A man decided to put a few succulents at the front of all his windows. When his wife asked why he did it, he told her, “Because darling, aloe view.”

We went to the comedy show last week where a comedian told many cactus jokes. It was not all that it was cactus to be.

What did the happy cactus say to the grumpy cactus?
– Don’t be so prickly.

What did the food critic call the cactus pie?
– A succulent meal.

Cactus makes perfect.

Two cacti were getting married. The husband cactus said in his vows, “I promise never to desert you.”

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