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Planet jokes 🪐🌍🌑 in 2023

Why won’t Pluto throw a birthday party?
– It can’t even planet

I wanted to throw an earth day party…
– But I forgot to planet

Two aliens are talking about a desolate planet Earth…
– The first alien asks : ” How did all the humans die?”

The second alien says : “They used so much toilet paper they wiped themselves out.”

What the the planet Jupiter say to Neptune?
– I can see Uranus from here.

Earth is the third planet from the sun.
– By this logic, all countries are third world countries

What do you get when you combine A planet and an apple?
– Ma Rio

Today I pulled a key off my keyboard [long]
– Today I pulled one of the CTRL keys from my keyboard and was shocked to find myself looking down at the entire universe: stars planets, black holes, the whole thing was right there beneath my keyboard.

I was so shocked I called a friend in to show her. After five minutes of gazing into totality, she turned to me and said:

Don’t worry, it seems you have everything under control here.

It’s the year 2070. Instead of putting funny one-liners in Christmas crackers, they put them in timecapsules embedded in space-rocks and send them to other planets.
– The real joke is in the comets

An alien mothership is scouting planet Earth.
– Alien Scout: Sir, the Humans appear to possess massive military capabilities, nuclear weapons included.

Alien Commander: This is problematic, are they really such an intelligent species?

Alien Scout: Apparently not Sir, they appear to have them pointed at themselves.

Why is a planet that is earthquake-free so awesome?
– Because it’s crack-a-lackin’

Elon Musk’s right when he says aliens may be living among us.
– That explains why some people keep making rockets and trying to leave the planet.

David Attenborough (Planet Earth Narrator) went to church
– He wished to observe the predators up close in their natural habitat.

BREAKING NEWS: NASA announces Mars Rover discovered new feline-like life form on the Red Planet
– Unfortunately, it ran over the newly discovered creature. Yes, it seems Curiosity killed the cat.

How does earth and mars schedule a vacation
– They planet

Why can’t you tell anyone about space?
– Because it too out of this world!

They say one out of every 5 people on the planet is Chinese.
– The thing is, there’s 5 people in my family. On of us must be Chinese.
I know it can’t be me. I’m pretty sure it’s not my mon or dad.
That leaves my brothers: Shawn, and Zhang Wei.

Whispers: *I think it’s Shawn…*

/r/Jokes/ wins Friend of the Planet award!
– for 95% recycled content.

Scientists have discovered a planet populated entirely by robots.
– maybe then republicans would want to save it.

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