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Cooking jokes 🍳👩‍🍳 in 2024

Did you know that lesbians suck at cooking?
– It’s cuz they are always eating out

I used to date a dyslexic woman
– I took her home and she ended up cooking my sock.

Once, an old chef taught others to use mint in their dishes to make them taste more exciting. He always gave them sage advice!

If people make you sick,
– You’re probably not cooking them long enough.

Saying Grace
– My wife’s cooking is so bad we pray after the meal

Why was Jason kicked out of the secret cooking group?
– Because he kept on spilling the beans!

The two lemon couples went to the Bahamas to celebrate Valen-limes day!

I got banned from the secret cooking society…
– For spilling the beans.

I once learned how to cook young swans. Till today it is one of my Cygnet-ure dishes!

The baker was in dire need of money, so he asked his boss that he kneaded dough!

What did the husband vegetable tell his wife?
– You make my heart beet faster.

My wife’s cooking is so bad
– we usually pray after our food.

My girlfriend is dyslexic…
.. She loves “cooking my sock”

In a 3600-year-old cooking pot, you can only find Ancient Greece!

Harry Potter found it extremely difficult to differentiate between a cooking utensil and his best friend
– because they are both cauldron!

I asked my Chinese girlfriend for a 69 last night.
– She said ‘Fuck off, I’m not cooking at this time of night’

The relationship between Pasta and cooking water hit a rock. Their age-old relationship is now strained!

Indian chefs and functional programmers have one thing in common. After a tiring day, they still curry on!

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