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Cooking jokes 🍳👩‍🍳 in 2022

My wife’s cooking is incredible.
– With a silent ‘cr’.

Me and a couple of friends went camping. Sitting beside the bonfire and telling stories is customary. However, we all need to be-ef frank with one another!

I hate to admit it, but my wife’s cooking has seriously improved.
……that was best slice of soup I’ve ever had!

While cooking dinner last night, the handle of the frying pan came off. So my husband said that it was very un-ladle-like.

What is Michelle Obama’s favorite vegetable?
– Barack-Oli.

At an Australian cooking show, the audience wasn’t a fan of the head chef preparing meringue. I was utterly shocked to know that Australians boo meringue!

A food critic visited an Indian restaurant and wanted to check how the bread was prepared. The owner declared it would not be a problem if the critic signed a naan-disclosure first!

I badly wanted to surprise my family by cooking dinner. But the sirens of the fire engines ruined it!

I decided to do away with my favorite Italian restaurant. It was originally named Sal, however, now they have changed it to Sal Monella!

What did a cannibal tribe leader say to the editor of a newspaper whom they were about to eat? – You are soon going to be editor-in-chief!

I forgot to buy baking paper
– Looks like my cooking will be foiled again…

As the young boy was about to join a culinary school, his father advised him not to give in to pear pressure!

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