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Friday Jokes in 2021

What did Monday say to Friday?
– Between you and I, today is a good day to hump.

Today is a โ€œRobinson Crusoe-Weekโ€ again
-Waiting for Friday

What do you call the day when you have to submit a huge assignment that you have not even started?
– Frightay.

My girl and I decided never to go to sleep angry at each other.
-Weโ€™ve been awake since Friday.

What was on the specials on Black Friday?
-Leftovers from Thanksgiving Thursday.

Why was everybody so worried about Friday?
– Because it was Fatal Friday.

Just grabbed myself an early black friday deal – sleeping bag for only ยฃ30
-No idea how to wake it up thoughโ€ฆ

I was at an Italian restaurant last Friday…
-Me: “I’ll just have the Paggione”.
Waitress: “That says ‘page one’, sir.”

Who can profit a lot on Friday the 13th?
– Tailors because they know a lot of superstitchens.

What does Friday smell like?

Attention ladies “BLACK FRIDAY SALE”
-My house.
You And Me…All Clothes 100% Off.

What did the flea on the right leg of Robinson Crusoe said to the flea on the left leg of Crusoe?
-‘Bye for now, see you on Friday.’

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