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Friday Jokes in 2023

What do you call it when you have to finish your homework on a Friday?
-A cryday night.

What do the Pfizer covid vaccine and next Friday night have in common?
-Two random strangers penetrating your mom.

What does God gift to hardworking people?

What is Daniel Defoe’s favorite day of the week?
– Friday.

Fun fact: Having friends gives you memory loss.
-I read this in a textbook on page 53 at 4:37 PM on Friday May 12, 2006

How many oranges grow on a tree?
– Broke Saturday.

What should you do when life gives you lemons?
-Ask for more Friday nights instead.

Every Friday is Good….
-When you’re an Atheist.

What kind of dessert goes best with the theme of Friday the 13th?
-I scream.

What do lonely single ladies do on a Friday night?
-Netflix and Jill.

TIL – as of 2019, Halloween has not fallen on Friday the 13th for the last 666 years
-This is probably because Halloween is October 31st

What do you call a Friday that is not serious about anything in life?
– Casual Friday.

I was at the gym yesterday, and I asked the Personal Trainer if they could teach me how to do the splits. ‘How flexible are you?’ they asked…
-…I said ‘well, I can do any day apart from Tuesdays and Fridays’.

Where does a nerdy person spend their Black Friday?
-Geology museum because they get great shales there.

What does an employee look forward to on Friday nights?
-The next Friday night.

What do millennial eskimos do Friday night with girls they like?
-Net fish and chill.

Tomorrow is Black Friday just be decent and civilizeds?
-By holding the cell phone horizontal when recording any fights

What is the best thing to avoid on Friday the 13th?

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