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Friday Jokes in 2024

What do you call it when you have to finish your homework on a Friday?
-A cryday night.

You’ve heard of Friday the 13th…
– But what about the next day?
Pi Day the 14th: Irrational Fear

Why was the boat shop owner happy on Black Friday?
-It was the most successful sail of that year.

Why could I not attend my friend’s dumplings party on Saturday morning?
-Because I had to wok on Friday night.

A local hospital is offering Black Friday specials on circumcisions.
– Up to 50% off.

There’s a Friday the 13th this December
-A nightmare before Christmas some may say

What type of pasta is favorable on Friday the 13th?
-Fettuccini Afraid-o.

I got fired from the unemployment office on Friday.
-My boss said, “Clean out your desk, and I’ll see you in the office on Monday.”

What comes after Black Friday?
-A root canal.

Why was the student so happy to go back home from school?
– Because it was Friyay.

Fun Fact: Halloween falls on Friday the 13th this year
– Go ahead dumbass, look it up

What kind of beans do Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th prefer?
-Human beans.

What do you call it when you have a good philosophical conversation with your friends on a Friday afternoon over a fast-food meal?
-A deep fry-day.

What do the Pfizer covid vaccine and next Friday night have in common?
-Two random strangers penetrating your mom.

What does God gift to hardworking people?

What is Daniel Defoe’s favorite day of the week?
– Friday.

Fun fact: Having friends gives you memory loss.
-I read this in a textbook on page 53 at 4:37 PM on Friday May 12, 2006

How many oranges grow on a tree?
– Broke Saturday.

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