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Ocean jokes ๐ŸŒŠ in 2021

What does the fish say when she disagrees with her husband?
– I donโ€™t quite sea it that way.

I know a whale joke.. itโ€™s a real killer!

What do mussels do on their birthday?
– They shell-ebrate!

Why is the ocean wet?
– Because it doesnโ€™t have a towel.
(Courtesy of my son)

The oceans are really polluted nowdays.
– Last time I bought sardines, they were dead and covered in oil.

What did the Ocean say to the shore?
– Nothing. It just waved.

Why donโ€™t mermaids play tennis?
– Because they might get caught in the net!

What do you find in the middle of the ocean?
– The letter โ€œeโ€.

My mom is officially cancer free!!
– So, we were thinking of scattering her ashes by the ocean, or maybe keep them in an urn

Where does a killer whale go for braces?
– The orca-dontist.

How do you cut the ocean in half?
– With a sea-saw!

Why is the ocean so salty?
– Because the land never waves back

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