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Mermaid Jokes 🧜‍♀️ in 2022

Where do mermaids keep their money saved?
– In a riverbank.

How are mermaids born?
– Through a sea-section.

What is the act of getting attacked by mermaids called?
– An Ariel assault.

What do mermaids say when they meet someone after a long time?
– Hi! Long time no sea. Hope you’re doing whale.

Why are fish so gullible?
– They fall for things hook, line, and sinker.

Why do French people not trust mermaids?
– Because that girl is poisson.

What did the mermaid do after hitting the gym and becoming friends with a dolphin physical trainer?
– She felt like moving with a porpoise.

What did the Little Mermaid do when she was really angry at her father?
– Nothing much, she only changed her entire species!

Why do mermaids always know how much they weigh?
– They have their own scales!

Why was the mermaid so good at math?
– Because she wore an algae-bra.

Why do mermaids wear sea shells?
– Because they can’t fit in d-shells.

Why does everybody hate lending anything to mermaids?
– Because they are so shellfish.

What did the mermaid say when she met the other cool mermaid?
– You are totally s’whale.

Why did the mermaid look the other way?
– Because the seaweed!

What font does the mermaid use when typing?
– Ariel

How does a mermaid clean her clothes?
– She uses the Tide.

What do you call drones which shoot countless pictures and videos of mermaids?
– Ariel photographers.

What is a mermaid’s favorite snack?
– Ships and dip.

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