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Electrician jokes ⚡ in 2022

Do you know why fluorescent lights keep humming?
– It is because they cannot remember the words.

What would you call Usain Bolt if he were an electrician?
– Usain Volt.

What does one electrician say to another when they run into each other out in public?

– Watt’s up!!

An electrician got home at 4am. His wife asks him, “Wire you insulate?”

– He replies, “Watt’s it to you? I’m Ohm, aren’t I?”

I fell in love with an electrician
– I couldn’t resist her

What did the electrician say to reassure his apprentice?
– You conduit!

The electrician is married to his job
– He loves it so much, that you could say between them, sparks fly

Do you know what electricians talk about?
– Current Events.

How do you know an electrician loves his job?
– You could occasionally see sparks flying.

Do you know why the light bulb failed his math quiz?
– He just wasn’t that bright.

What do an electrician and a mortician have in common?
– They’re both shocked when they touch a live one.

Why are electricians terrible sailors?
– They are always running aground.

Why did Ryan fall in love with a female electrician?
– Well, he wanted to take her ohm as she was kind of a live wire.

Why did Mr Ohm think Mrs Ohm was only made for him?
– Because he could not resistor.

Why are the electricians always up to date?

– Because they are “current specialists”.

how did the arguement between the electricians come to an end?
– they found common ground

How many blondes does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
– One. He’s an electrician.

Why did the electrician get killed in a debate?
– They say he used conductive reasoning.

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