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Uncle Jokes in 2022

I’m from Alabama and I don’t appreciate all the jokes Reddit makes about my home state. I told my dad, my uncle, and my grandpa about it.
– When he found out he was madder than hell

My uncle went to prison for stealing a board game
– He got life.

All my family are police officers. Except for my uncle who is a bank robber.
– He died recently, surrounded by his family.

Your uncle had some really crazy reasons for joining the railroad.
– Locomotives.

My uncle was never good at throwing stuff away
– He died from a hand grenade

There is no incest in Alabama! You can ask my dad, brother, uncle, husband, mother, sister or aunt!
– They are both in the living room right now.

I’m sorry to hear that your uncle was killed by a boat in Venice…
– My gondolences.

Darth Vader built an entire Galactic Empire…
– Wearing protective gear in sanitary environment.

But it was all destroyed by a whiny brat without a mask who refused to stay home with his aunt and uncle.

My uncle just passed away from accidentally drinking wood varnish
– It was a sad way to go, but a beautiful finish.

My uncle’s death was predicted, he was told the exact day, and the exact time he would die. It happened as predicted.
– The judge told him.

My uncle told me this joke over the phone last night.
– My dad was fired from the keyboard factory last week.
Apparently he was not putting in enough shifts.

I asked my dad why he doesn’t make any dad jokes
– He told me he leaves those to my uncle

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