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Cartoon Jokes in 2024

What do you call a duck that gets all A’s in a cartoon competition?
-A wise quacker.

What did the cartoon character say to his brother in law when he found out his wife was crazy?
– You knew she was looney and a maniac…and you didn’t warn a brother?

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
-Oliver who?
Oliver sudden Chase and Marshall appeared to save the day!

How does a vamparina cartoon start a letter?
– Tomb it may concern…

I tried to leave my cartoon life behind me..
-But every time I leave they draw me back in..

So, my 3 year old cousin was over this morning.
-I needed to grab a quick shower as I let him watch cartoons in the living room. When I came out, there was black permanent marker all over my 55 inch TV screen. I LITERALLY FREAKED OUT. Does anyone know what is best used to clean blood out of a carpet?

Who’s there?
Safari who?
Safari so good – Dora The Explorer has found her way!

Did you hear about the popular cartoon
-He could really draw a crowd

A spy once asked how does Peppa Pig write invisible, secret messages?
-She uses her very own invisible oink of course.

Why is Peter Pan cartoon always flying?
-Because he never lands.

Breaking News: famous cartoon character implicated in scandal!
-They refused to be drawn on the matter, however

Patient: every day I feel more and more like a cartoon rabbit
-**Doctor:** you have a bad case of updoc
**Patient:** what’s updoc?
**Doctor:** this is more serious than I thought

What kind of car does Dora the Explorer drive around the jungle?
-A Ford Fiesta of course!

How do you stop an astronaut’s baby rocketeer cartoon from crying?
-You rocket!

I like both the Dexter from the cartoon as well as the one from the series.
-I guess you could say I’m… ambidextrous.

On my TV I can see plenty of zombies, cartoon characters, and religious hucksters.
-I guess the elections are coming up soon!

Dieters can’t paint still life
-The painting doesn’t have the same appeal when all the food is eaten.

I heard that a famous cartoon died today. But I don’t know for sure…
-The details were a little sketchy.

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