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Cartoon Jokes in 2023

What do you call a duck that gets all A’s in a cartoon competition?
-A wise quacker.

Even Cartoon Dads
-Can Make Dad-Jokes

What do ISIS and anime fans have in common?
-They both get hot and bothered over cartoons.

It’s better to save yourself from the gas station jerky and get a real lunch.
-All technophobes can appreciate these technology cartoons.

OH MY GOD! My friend the cartoon was just found dead in his home by the police!
-Details are sketchy.

Peppa’s favourite artist is apparently

Why was the little strawberry crying in the cartoon?
– Her parents were in a jam.

Senator Cruz didn’t like it when an editorial cartoon depicted him as a Borg
His Chief of Staff explained to him that in the US, the First Amendment guaranteed all citizens the right to free speech, and that yes this did indeed include unflattering depictions in newspapers’ editorial cartoons.
-“You will be a simile, Ted”

Man: “I’ve always had this absurd feeling that I’m a cartoon character”
-Psychologist: “That’s a rather unusual mental state… How long have you felt this way?”
Man: “Ever since I was an outline…”

Where does Mr Krabs hide his secret stash of money so SpongeBob can’t find it?
-In the river bank of course.

Sesame Street Classic Dad Joke Cartoon
-Just saw this with my son on a classic sesame street episode

Why does Mr Bean insist on bringing his Teddy with him everywhere he goes?
-He says it’s because it’s essential to pack the BEAR necessities.

The words “tofu” and “extravaganza” don’t really go together
– These cartoons about family life might make yours seem less crazy.

Do you know why Scooby Doo is the most viewed cartoon in Denmark?
-Because he’s a Great Dane

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Mr Bean
-Mr Bean who?
Mr Bean expecting you!

Why did the little boy throw his clock out the window to the rocketteer cartoon?
-Because he wanted to see time fly!

An exchange I remember seeing in a cartoon or movie a long time ago
I don’t remember what it’s from, but I do remember that the scene involved a squad of soldiers with their sergeant coming across the enemy, and it went like this:
-Sergeant: Fire at will!
Private: Uh, who’s Will?
Sergeant: Just shoot, you idiot!

What is Oberyn Martell’s favorite cartoon?

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