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Cartoon Jokes in 2022

Did you hear about the cartoon that was killed?
-Details are sketchy

Who can guess what Rubble from Paw Patrol’s fave pizza topping is?
-It’s simply got to be Pupperoni!

What do you get when you cross a lemon and a cat cartoon?
-A sour puss.

This cartoon has no punchline
-A Carton of Eggs… I mean… A Cartoon of Eggs

Perhaps one of the most popular types of joke
-the question and answer cartoon funny jokes!

When Dora the Explorer is surfing the web online what can we call her?
-An Internet Explorer.

What did the little corn cartton say to the mama cartoon corn?
-Where is pop cartoon corn?

I made this Dad Jokes cartoon.
– Because dad jokes are awesome!

Now that Lucasfilm is owned by Disney . . .
-Will ILM be removing the Notre Dame Cathedral from the Hunchback cartoon?

High fructose corn syrup?! How dare you!
-These cartoons prove that daily life is funnier than any stand-up routine.

A cartoon was found dead in the apartment…
-The details are sketchy.
Courtsey – Plague Inc.

What do you get when you combine Chase and a calculator?
-A pup that you know you can always count on.

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