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Cartoon Jokes in 2022

If cartoon characters become real, who would attract most women?

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Peppa Pig
-Peppa Pig who?
Peppa Pig me up at twelve o’clock please

What kind of music do planets sing in the space cartoon?

I got a tattoo of a cartoon baby the other day
-I really Rugrat it

Which cartoon character have you seen live?
-Donald Duck

Don’t forget to give your little ones lots of hogs and kisses
– from Peppa and her pals!

Two cartoon fought each other to death and the police are investigating
-The details are pretty sketchy and the reports are saying it ended in a draw

Why won’t Mr Bean head on a trip to Spain this summer?
-Because he’s BEAN there and done that already!

What does a nosey pepper do to a cartoon?
-It gets jalapeno business! wearing a balaclava. (Half the town got arrested, and it was Spring before the innocent ones were finally identified and released.)

I saw a cartoon portraying a politican like a goat
-It was satyr.

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
-Dash who?

Why couldn’t the little pirate see a cartoon movie?
-It was rated ARRRRR!

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