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Cartoon Jokes in 2022

Classic dad joke in an old episode of the PBS children’s cartoon
-“George Shrinks”

Can’t resist a good pun joke and they don’t get much better than cartoon jokes
-tell them to your little ones to have them rolling around like Peppa Pig with laughter!

If it’s your passion, then you can’t give it up.
– These travel cartoons find the funny in everything.

I told my doctor I was having problems with my hearing. He asked me what the symptoms were.
-I told him they were a yellow cartoon family.

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Peppa Pig
-Peppa Pig who?
Peppa Pig on someone your own size!

Why can’t you give Elsa a cartoon balloon?
– Because she will let it go.

My friends don’t like my interest in Japanese cartoons. I guess I’ll have to keep my friends close
-And my animes closer..

A beloved cartoon artist was found dead in their home today
-Officers state that the details are sketchy

You’re looking simply
-a-DORA-ble this evening!

When I was about 9 or 10, my whole family was in my parents’ bed watching cartoons. I tickled my brother and he accidentally pushed my mother out of the bed with his spastic reaction…
-Pissed, she said something angry like “Joshua, be careful, you could have killed me!”
My dad didn’t miss a beat: “Well it was an accident, so it wouldn’t be considered mattress-cide anyway.”

When Mr Bean’s girlfriend met him for the first ever time, what was the first thing she said to him?
-Where have you BEAN all my life!

Revel in your glory, girl!
– Now, take a look through these funny political cartoons that prove that human is a bipartisan issue.

If cartoon characters become real, who would attract most women?

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Peppa Pig
-Peppa Pig who?
Peppa Pig me up at twelve o’clock please

What kind of music do planets sing in the space cartoon?

I got a tattoo of a cartoon baby the other day
-I really Rugrat it

Which cartoon character have you seen live?
-Donald Duck

Don’t forget to give your little ones lots of hogs and kisses
– from Peppa and her pals!

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