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Batman Jokes 🦇 in 2022

What did Batman do at the deli?
-Got ham.

Batman wlked into a bar…
-he got kicked out cause his mask didn’t cover his mouth

Where do Batman’s goldfish live?
-In the Bat tub.

What did the Joker say when he was on top of Batman?
-“Joke’s on you, Batman”

What does Batman put in his drinks?
– Just ice.

How do you get Batman into the Marvel Universe?
-Hang him on the wall. Now he’s a Bruce Banner.

What’s Batman’s favorite drink?
-Fruit punch.

What do you call a beat-up Batman?
-A bruised Wayne.

Why was Batman so serious?
-He wasn’t the Joker.

Why did the Penguin open his umbrella at Batman’s family reunion?
-Because it was a Wayne-y day.

What’s Batman’s favourite fruit?

What’s the reason batman has a gap in his mask
-So that cops know he’s white

What do you get when you cross Batman with a tree?
-Spruce Wayne.

Why does Batman only wear dark colors?
-Easy. Batman doesn’t want to get shot.

Why does Batman leave his lower face visible?
-So cops can see that he’s white

I went out late at night to call my cat.
-And now I really regret naming him Batman. The neighbors are looking concerned.

How does Batman like his coffee?
-Black. Like the night.

If Batman and Superman had a baby, what would it be?

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