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Rat jokes 🐀 in 2023

What do you call a rat with a cold?
– Rat-achoo-ouille!

Where do rats go to replace their tails?
– A re-tail store!

What would you name a film about a chef rat with allergies?
– Rat-a-choo-ille.

What did everyone call the rat who was very blunt?
– He was a no-nonsense rat.

What do you call a pet rat that has got puppy dog eyes?
– A lab rat.

A rat-catcher was chasing a rat when he lost him.
– The snitch pointed to the sewer and said: “He went rat way!”

What would you call twin rats who feature in a movie about cooking?
– Ratatwins.

What did the little rat say when another rat broke his front teeth?
– “Now it’s hard to cheese.”

What is a rat’s favorite movie?
– The Fast and the Furriest.

What do you call a mouse that uses bad language?
– A cursor.

Have you heard that a scientist accidentally chilled a rat at his lab to absolute zero?
– Well, first, the rat was frozen. Now he’s 0K.

What would you call a rat that’s stubborn and refuses to participate in scientific experiments?
– A lab brat.

What similarities do ghosts and pet rats have?
– Both like to live in dark and cramped spaces.

Which snake did the little rat become friends with?
– The rat-tlesnake.

Why does a rat do the washing up?
– To make it squeaky clean!

Did you know that rats are under-rated?
– Seriously, you should check your dictionary.

Have you heard about the homeless rat that was living on a man’s clock for a few days while he tried to get his life back on track?
– He was living on borrowed time.

Why did Ron love the pet rat he had so much?
– Because it was the pet-he-grew up with.

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