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Rat jokes 🐀 in 2022

What would you name a film about a chef rat with allergies?
– Rat-a-choo-ille.

Did you hear about the rodent infestation that’s going on?
– That’s not a mice thing to think about.

How do you know a pet rat will keep its promise or not?
– He’ll keep the promise if he guarancheese it.

What was the Roman Emperor rat called?
– Julius Cheeser.

What sound does it make when you knock on a rats door?
– Rat-a-tat-tat!A very social animal, there are many different species of rat.

What kind of rat never needs to go on a diet?
– A slender rat.

Did you see that big rat on the road?
– I think that was a roadent.

What do pet rats like to eat on their birthdays?
– Mice cream and cake.

What do you call a rat with a wooden leg?
– A pi-rat!

What do you call a rodent that steals your dessert?
– A pie-rat.

What did Elvis say to the rodent that was trying to scare him away?
– He said, “You ain’t nothing but a groundhog.”

What is the favorite game of a rat?
– Hide and squeak.

Have you heard about the band named Arrogant Rat?
– Well, they’re like the Modest Mouse, but much better.

Why do rats need oiling?
– Because they squeak!

What do rats like on their birthday?
– Mice cream and cake.

What happened to the man who suddenly found a number of big rats in his home?
– He was pretty rattled after it.

What costumes does a pet rat wear to scare his friends on Halloween?
– A black cat costume.

Why did Mickey Mouse decide to go to space?
– Because he was searching for Pluto.

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