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Naruto jokes 🦊 🐸 🍜 in 2023

Why did Naruto stop trying to get Sakura?
– Because it would be Useless.

What’s Shino’s favorite band?
– The beetles!

You could say Naruto was a real PAIN in the Akatsuki’s ass.

“Is Your Name Danzo?
– Because You’ve Caught My Eye.”

(Spoilers for Shippuuden) Obito Uchiha is later found out as Tobi from the Akatsuki right?
– How can Obito still be alive when Sasuke and Itachi are the only Uchihas left?

Orochimaru looks like Michael Jackson and Kabuto looks like Harry Potter.XD

Why is a group of Uchihas not called a sharinGANG?
– Because they are all sharinGONE…

“I Would Start A Great Shinobi War For You.”

What’s the difference between Naruto and Bleach?
– No one ever told me to drink Naruto

“Are You Hashirama?
– Because Everyone Wants A Piece Of You.”

Failing doesn’t give you a reason to give up, as long as you believe

“Sharingan Is Red, Rasengan Is Blue, Give Me Your Number Or I’ll Chidori You.”

(Only for people that watch Bleach or know what’s Bleach) If you scramble Neji’s name,
– it fit’s into Renji.XD

Laziness is the mother of all bad habits

(This one’s a bit hard to understand) Ino likes Sasuke and Hinata likes Naruto, Ino and Naruto have blonde hair, Sasuke and Hinata have black/blue hair,
– if you switch the couples around it’s colour coordinated.XD

What is Naruto’s favorite football position?
– Kyuu-bi

Lots of Japanese people put their last names first like Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke, in English it’s the first name first (lol,obviously),
– Rock Lee’s last name is Rock—have you ever heard someone say his name as “Lee Rock”?

Naruto: Let’s give a hand for the dummy! The puppet was pretty good, too.
– Kankuro: Hey!

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