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Vampire Jokes 🧛 in 2022

What is a vampire’s favourite animal?
– A giraffe.

How do you beat a vampire at poker?
– Raise the stakes!

Why don’t vampires bet on horses?
-They can’t handle the stakes.

Have you ever heard of an italian vampire?
-Neither have i #garlicPower

What can you catch from a vampire in winter-time?

I was recently asked who my favorite vampire was.
-I told them it was the one from Sesame Street.

“Pfft, he doesn’t count,” they said to me.

I replied “Well that’s where you’re wrong kiddo”

This movie about killing dwarf vampires has no tension
-The stakes are too low

Did you hear that the list of famous vampires had a startling omission?
– They forgot to Count Dracula!

What did the vampire say to the Invisible Man?
-Long time, no see.

How does a vampire get across the ocean?
-a boat

Did you know vampires are dog people?
-After all, they have the biggest canines.

why cant vampires tell jokes right?
-all their jokes just SUCK

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