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Moon jokes ๐ŸŒ™ in 2023

Where do astronauts park their spaceships on the moon?
– Beside a parking meteor.

This Halloween will have a full moon, only happens every 400 years…
– Itโ€™s gonna be lit!!

What did the astronomers do when they got sick of watching the moon’s revolution around the earth?
– They just called it a day.

Rumor has it that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin decided to team up with NASA to fake the moon landing together, but to make it look as realistic as possible, they urged NASA to film on location.
– Compliments of Neil De Grasse Tyson

The moon landing was staged
– The rocket they used had multiple stages

Why can’t the moon walk?
– Because it doesn’t have legs.

Why was Neil never tired of flying to the Moon?
– Because he was Armstrong.

What are the series of online videos about the moon and the sun crossing each other called?
– E-clips.

Pete Townshend and Keith Moon were arrested last night after releasing 1000 pugs from a cosmetic companyโ€™s testing facility.
– The Who let the dogs out.

– Thereisnospacebar.

What do people do when they get married on the moon?
– Go on a honeymoon.

Why do werewolves go to dressing rooms when they see the full moon?
– They need to change.

I asked my Chinese friend if he saw the beautiful moon last night
– He said, “no, it was waning.”

Whatโ€™s the difference between science and religion?
– Science flies you to the moon while religion flies you into buildings.

Why did the cow want to become an astronaut?
– He wanted to go to the moon.

Iโ€™m currently obsessed with the Moon
– Although I think itโ€™s just a phase

Did you hear about the cow that jumped over the moon?
– Her calves are probably really strong.

Where did Neil Armstrong visit for coffee when he went to the moon?
– Starbucks.

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