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Marvel jokes 🦸‍♂️🕷 in 2024

What do you call Peter Parker when he wakes up in a bad mood?
– Grumpy Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Why does Thanos get unlimited hot beverages everywhere he goes?
– He has the Gauntlet of Infinite-tea.

Benedict Cumberbatch and his Marvel character have one thing in common…
– Both of their last names are strange

What is the name of Dr. Strange’s cousin who can’t do magic?
– Doctor Normal.

What did was T’Challa’s nickname as a baby?
– Black Pampers.

Hey, do you think fixing the universe hard for Thanos?
– No. Actually, it’s a snap.

What brand of rice does Spider-Man eat?
– Uncle Ben’s.

What’s the Avenger’s favorite day of the week?
– Thorsday.

Why should Spiderman join the swim team?
– He has webbed feet.

What happens when you cross Quicksilver with the Hulk?
– The Fast and the Furious.

Why don’t X-men let Colossus take part in their talent shows?
– He has the habit of steeling the show.

What was Wolverine’s job at the restaurant?
– It was shredding carrots.

Who is Thor’s favorite singer?
– MC Hammer

Why is Spiderman a really good baseball player?
– Because he’s the best at catching flies.

What would Wolverine be called if he dressed up as Santa on Christmas?
– Santa Claws.

Who is Thor’s favorite singer?
– MC Hammer

What is the Hulk’s favorite song?
– “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

What’s marvel’s favorite trophy
– The Stan Lee cup

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