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Marvel jokes 🦸‍♂️🕷 in 2022

When Dr. Strange is sick, who is his doctor?
– Doctor Stranger.

Why is Spiderman a really good baseball player?
– Because he’s the best at catching flies.

What would Wolverine be called if he dressed up as Santa on Christmas?
– Santa Claws.

What do you call the King of Asgard when he lives in Williamsburg?
– A hips-thor.

I’m worried I’ve become very obsessed with Wonder Woman, Black Widow and Captain Marvel lately.
– I think I might be a heroine addict.

Who is Thor’s favorite singer?
– MC Hammer

Why didn’t marvel put advertisements on Hulk?
– Well, he’s essentially the giant banner.

Which Avenger is always in a hurry?
– Black Widow; she’s Russian.

What is the Hulk’s favorite song?
– “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

What’s marvel’s favorite trophy
– The Stan Lee cup

What does Iron man eat every day for breakfast?
– He eats iron bran.

Why should Spiderman join the swim team?
– He has webbed feet.

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