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Marvel jokes 🦸‍♂️🕷 in 2022

What do you call Peter Parker when he wakes up in a bad mood?
– Grumpy Neighborhood Spider-Man.

What’s the Avenger’s favorite day of the week?
– Thorsday.

Who is Thor’s favorite singer?
– MC Hammer

When Captain America was younger, what did people call him?
– They called him Lieutenant America.

What would you call it if The Hulk, Captain America and Thor met at the Ikea?
– It’d be called ‘The Avengers: Some Assembly Required’.

What happens when you cross Quicksilver with the Hulk?
– The Fast and the Furious.

What about Clint’s sister who spies on people?
– I haven’t heard of her, but I guess she’s called Hawk-ears.

What OS uses the Marvel supervillain?
– Than OS

What do you call it when Peter Quill has nothing to do?
– Star-Bored

Which superhero visits the dentist the most?
– The Plaque Panther.

Why don’t X-men let Colossus take part in their talent shows?
– He has the habit of steeling the show.

Why does Thanos get unlimited hot beverages everywhere he goes?
– He has the Gauntlet of Infinite-tea.

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