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Super Mario jokes 🍄 in 2023

How to Koopas communicate?
– They use a Shell-phone!

What’s Mario’s favorite search engine?
– Yahoo!

Why couldn’t Toad put a pool table in his house?
– It took up too mush-room.

How did Mario feel after getting a kiss from the princess?
– Peachy.

EA is releasing a new Mario game!
– it’s called Pay-Per-Mario.

Why did Mario storm to the White House?
– Because someone wrongly told him that Trump was IN PEACH !!!

What does Princess Peach use to get things off the high shelf?
– A toad stool.

What does Bowser and the desert level have in common?
– Both have angry suns.

Why did Luigi say to the Koopa on the cloud?
– Look at you! (Lakitu)

So Mario is talking to Luigi.
– “So I breka up with tha princess last night. But I told her, it’s a not you, it’s a me! Mario!”

Have you ever heard the music for Super Mario Galaxy?
– It’s out of this world.

What basketball team do Koopas cheer for?
– The Shelltics.

What does Mario use to contact his dead relatives?
– A Luigi board

How do bad guys in Marios Bros. surf the internet?
– With web Bowsers.

A Father’s Day joke my 8 year old son made up for me today – Why are you so special to Mario?
– You’re the first 1-up in the morning!

What is the Super Mario’s favourite snack?
– Banana-nana-nana

What do you say to Mario when he doesn’t get a joke on the Internet?
– It’s a meme Mario.

Why did the two ghosts attack Mario?
– To give him a boo-boo.

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