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Super Mario jokes 🍄 in 2022

How to Koopas communicate?
– They use a Shell-phone!

What’s Mario’s favorite search engine?
– Yahoo!

What is the Super Mario’s favourite snack?
– Banana-nana-nana

What did the Koopa wear on it’s head?
– A shellmet.

So, my Italian friend was asking what the character was on my Nintendo profile…
– I replied: “It’s a Mii, Mario”

What’s Mario and Luigi’s favourite type of overalls?
– Denim denim denim.

Which room is Mario too big to fit inside of?
– A mushroom.

What do you say to Mario when he doesn’t get a joke on the Internet?
– It’s a meme Mario.

What is Mario’s favorite type of pants?
– Denim denim denim.

Mario doesnt get bigger when he eats the mushroom
– He’s high

What does Koopa like with his hot wings?
– Shellery and blue cheese.

How does Super Mario see into the future?
– He uses a Luigi board

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