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Super Mario jokes 🍄 in 2022

What does King Koopa use to research things?
– A web bowser.

The body of Mario’s former nemesis was found in his jungle province this morning.
– It was in a state of DK.

What does Mario use to contact his dead relatives?
– A Luigi board

How do bad guys in Marios Bros. surf the internet?
– With web Bowsers.

I watched a documentary about Mario the other day
– The moment he decided to start eating green mushroom was truly a life-changing event.

What did Mario say when he arrived in Africa?
– It’s a me, Malario!

Why did Luigi say to the Koopa on the cloud?
– Look at you! (Lakitu)

Why did Princess Peach choke?
– Mario came down the wrong pipe.

So Mario is talking to Luigi.
– “So I breka up with tha princess last night. But I told her, it’s a not you, it’s a me! Mario!”

Why couldn’t Toad put a pool table in his house?
– It took up too mush-room.

Why did Mario storm to the White House?
– Because someone wrongly told him that Trump was IN PEACH !!!

Mario failed his online course
– Because of his Internet Bowser

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