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Computer Jokes 💻 in 2022

Why did Wi-Fi and the computer get married?
-Because they had a connection

What is a robot’s favorite snack?
-Computer chips

Why was the computer so angry?
– Because it had a chip on its shoulder

Where do computers keep their money?
– In a data bank

What do you call a computer superhero?
-A Screen Saver

What type of a computer does a horse like to eat?
-A Macintosh

Why were older computers heavier?
-Because they used a FAT file system!

Why don’t orphans work as computer repair technicians?
-Because they can’t find the motherboard

What is an alien’s favorite place on a computer?
-The space bar

Got a B in my computer programming class
-Call that a C++

My ex girlfriend was like a faulty computer
-I could turn her off. The hard part was turning her on again

Why did the computer cross the road?
-To get a byte to eat

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