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Hairline jokes in 2023

Your hairline looks like the McDonald’s logo.

I’m not saying my friend’s losing his hair, but lice are starting to picket about deforestation.

What’s worse than a receding hairline?
– An advancing hairline

What happened when the famous wig robber was seen in the area?
– The police started combing the area!

Your hairline’s so far back you need binoculars to see it.

Why did the King ban all the men and women in the kingdom from having a haircut?
– Because it was considered an act of hair-esy!

How do lice fly home for Christmas?
– American Hairlines

How did the one hair propose to the other?
– It proposed by saying, “I love you unconditionally!”

You know you’re going bald when you use more toothpaste than shampoo.

What did the old man with a dozen short hairs on his head tell the barber?
– He asked the barber to highlight them!

Your forehead looks like it’s plotting the eventual takeover of the rest of your face.

My hairline is like the French Army…
– It’s been ordered not to retreat, but nature is taking its course anyway

What is the kind of hair that loves going on vacation on different beaches of the country?
– The wavy hair!

Man, your hairline is so far back, archaeologists couldn’t find it.

What did the barber say when he shaved someone’s thick hair?
– He said, “Hair comes trouble!”

Your hairline and my grandpa go way back.

One of my oldest friends is my receding hairline…
– We go way back.

Why did the barber come first in the race to finish cutting hair the fastest?
– This was because he had taken a short cut!

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