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Hairline jokes in 2022

Your hairline is so deep People can see what you are thinking.

What did the father hair need after a long day of work?
– The father hair needed some long hair conditioning!

What do you call 10 rabbits marching backwards?
– A receding hairline

What do you call 20 rabbits walking backwards?
– A receding hairline.

Why do most people prefer to watch sports matches while visiting the barber at the barbershop?
– This is because, although the coverage is the same, the highlights at the barbershop are way better!

You have more face to wash every morning

What did the barber need to survive in a desert?
– He needed some scissors and some hairspray because they are the hair necessities in his life!

What do you call a group of rabbits backing up?
– A Receding hairline

Did you hear about the bald guy who cracked his skull?
– Doctor said he had a receding hairline fracture.

What should one use when either a long hair or short hair on our head is injured?
– In such situations, we should use a hairspray!

Your hairline convert your fourhead into sixhead

Your hairline is so far back
Rosa parks don’t wanna sit there.

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