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Husky jokes 🐺 in 2022

What’s a corn farmers favorite kind of dog
– A Husky

My friends keep calling my new puppy fat…
– But he’s really not.. He’s just a little husky

What kind of dog loves using the internet?
– A Cyber-ian Husky

What’s the difference between a trump supporter and a newly adopted Siberian husky?
– The dog has the mental fortitude to realize he’s just gotten owned by a Russian.

I asked my dog last night what he was doing outside the house. He told me that he couldn’t find his hus-key (house key).

What do you call an overweight Russian?
– A Siberian husky!

I like my women how I like my sled dogs…
– a little husky

What do you call a husky puppy who can’t stop eating?
– A little husky.

3 dogs met at the park
– The Husky mentioned that God has blessed Huskies as the superior breed.

The Rottweiler snapped quickly and replied that God said Rottweilers are the absolute best!

The German Sheppard turned and asked, “ I said what ?”

I’m not saying my neighbor’s dog is fat
– But she’s more than a little husky.

What do you call a Husky that loves to swim?
– A subwoofer

Why did the dog get stuck in the cat door?
– He was a little husky

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