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Superman Jokes 🦸‍♂️ in 2024

Why does Superman tell jokes while he runs?
-He’s an Action Comic.

How do you reveal Supermans identity?
-You Kent

What does Superman use to eat cereal?
-A Super bowl

Superman writes on the wall: Batman is a wuss.
-The next day, Batman writes on the wall: Superman is Clark Kent.

I went to a Superman themed nightclub.
-Everyone looked really fly…
but there was a massive queue for the cloakroom.

What’s the one currency superman can’t hold?
– Kryptocurrency.

Why does Superman carry around a power converter when he’s in the United States?
-Because he’s from the DC Universe.

If Batman and Superman had a baby, what would it be?

Chuck Norris and Superman had a bet.
-The loser had to wear their underwear on their pants.

-Superman walks into a room with a pancake on his head…
Not all heroes wear crepes.

You want to know what’s the most unrealistic thing from Batman V superman? (not a spoiler)
-A democratic senator from Kentucky.

Why is baby Superman vulnerable at night?
-Because he sleeps in his crib tonight

In one lost episode, Superman almost dies because he was wearing the wrong sized cloak.
-He had a narrow S cape.

Superman is useless on Wednesday evening because he goes to a weekly Bitcoin meet up.
-It’s his Crypto-night.

Superman walks into a bar with Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman
-He walk up to the bar and orders 5 whiskeys on the rocks.
“Would you like any coke or a slice of lemon in those?” asks the barmaid.
“No thanks,” says Superman, “we’re the just ice league!”.

What is Superman’s favorite candy?
-Clark Bars.

If Batman and Superman had a baby, what would it be?

Why won’t superman invest in Bitcoin?
-Because his weakness is krypto

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