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Superman Jokes 🦸‍♂️ in 2022

How do you reveal Supermans identity?
-You Kent

Why does Superman tell jokes while he runs?
-He’s an Action Comic.

Why does Superman has an S in his shirt
-Because the store he bought it from ran out of medium

What does Superman put in his drink?
-Just ice.

What do Superman and constantly watched employees have in common?

Why couldn’t Superman find the local playground as a kid?
-Adult supervision was required

What do you call Superman in a bank robbery?
– Man of Steal

Superman writes on the wall: Batman is a wuss.
-The next day, Batman writes on the wall: Superman is Clark Kent.

I went to a Superman themed nightclub.
-Everyone looked really fly…
but there was a massive queue for the cloakroom.

What’s the one currency superman can’t hold?
– Kryptocurrency.

Why does Superman carry around a power converter when he’s in the United States?
-Because he’s from the DC Universe.

If Batman and Superman had a baby, what would it be?

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