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Deer jokes 🦌 in 2023

What did the deer say after prancing around a cloning machine for an hour?
– “I feel like a million bucks!”

What did the deer say when he left the barbershop?
– “I feel like a million bucks!”

What’s a deer’s favorite game?
– Buckaroo!

I am finally ready to accept applications for my deer cloning business…
– It’s for anyone looking to make a quick buck.

What board game do deer families always play?
– Buck-gammon.

Which reindeer tries to fly around on Valentine’s Day instead?
– Cupid.

Who did Bambi invite to his birthday party?
– His nearest and deer-est friends.

How much does it cost to fly Santa’s sleigh?
– About eight bucks, nine during bad weather.

I meet guy with a deer on the end of each arm
– He was bambidextrous

What game do fawns like playing at sleepovers?
– Truth-or-deer.

What did the weather reporter say to his wife?
– “I hope it doesn’t rain, deer!”

What do you call a deer wearing an explosive vest?
– Bombi.

Where do reindeer like to stop for lunch?
– Deery Queen.

What do you call deer in space?
– Star bucks.

This is so much fawn!

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?
– No, they already have names.

Did you hear about the nice deer?
– She had a hart of gold.

What would happen if Apple bought a deer?
– they’d have an idea

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