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Wolf jokes 🐺 in 2023

What happened when the wolf swallowed a clock?
– He got ticks.

Three hunters come across some tracks in the middle of the woods…
– The first hunter says its wolf tracks the second says its bear tracks the third was hit by a trian

What do you call a dog that meditates?
– Aware wolf.

What do you call a wolf that studies philosophy?
– A self-aware wolf.

What did one wolf say to another?
… Let’s go catch some fast food!

Did you hear about the cow that cried wolf?
– Fake Moos!

What happens when you cross a wolf with a sheep?
– You have to get a new sheep.

Why don’t wolves make good dancers?
– Because they have two left feet.

So a wolf comes to a village with three awfully farmilar houses
– “Shalom” Says the Wolf

“Phew” Says the three little pigs

“Wolfgang Mozart”, says Mozart’s friend…
– “What?!” replies Mozart. Then they are both eaten by a gang of wolves.

I thought I saw a Direwolf, but it turns out it was just a regular wolf.
– I can’t believe I got the two confused, the differences are Stark.

What did the wolf say to the flea?
– Stop bugging me.

I recently became a member of a naked wolf hunting group.
– It turned out only the wolf was naked.

imagine how terrible a granddaughter you have to be
– to visit your grandma so infrequently that you can’t tell if it’s a wolf dressed in her clothes and not her

What did the taxi driver say to the wolf?
– Where-wolf.

What time is it when ten wolves chase a deer?
– 10 After 1.

I joined a naked wolf hunting group.
– But it turns out only the wolf is naked.

What do you get when you cross Fred Astaire and a wolf?
… Dances with wolves.

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