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Wolf jokes 🐺 in 2024

What happened when the wolf swallowed a clock?
– He got ticks.

Three hunters come across some tracks in the middle of the woods…
– The first hunter says its wolf tracks the second says its bear tracks the third was hit by a trian

How do you make a wolf laugh?
– Give him a funny bone.

Why is a van the best defense against the wolf man?
– If he is behind you he’ll get exhausted, if he’s in front he’ll get tired.

What do you call a wolf with a carrot in each ear?
… Anything you want as he can’t hear you!

Why did the wolf meditate?
– To become aware wolf

How does a wolf eat ice cream?
– With it’s mouth.

What do you call a wolf that is very conscious of his surroundings.
– Aware wolf.

What did the taxi driver say to the wolf?
– Where-wolf.

What do you call a wolf that’s aware of its surroundings?
– Awarewolf

What do you call a wolf with a fever?
– A hot dog.

Did you hear about the cow that cried wolf?
– Fake Moos!

What do you call a lumberjack wolf?
… A timber wolf!

You’ve heard of “boy who cried wolf”, but what about “man who cried pig”?
– I heard the rest of the blind date was pretty awkward!

Why did the poor wolf chase his tail?
– He was trying to make ends meet.

So the “Wolf of Wall Street” has the f word used 569 times making almost 3 times a minute
– That record was broken by my dad this afternoon while trying to assemble an ikea tv stand

What do you say when you meet a talking wolf?
… Howl about that?

I taught a wolf to meditate
– Now he is aware wolf

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