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Owl jokes 🦉 in 2023

What do you can an owl who’s been caught in the act?
– A spotted owl.

When does an owl go, “Moooooo!”
– When it’s learning a new language.

What sits in a tree and says, “Hoots mon, hoots mon?”
– A Scottish owl.

What do you get when you cross an owl with an oyster?
– Pearls of wisdom.

What’s an owl’s favorite rock group?
– The Hoo.

Why did the owl have a sore throat after spending the night at the gun range?
– He was hooting owl night long.

What type of books do owls like to read?
– Hooo-dunnits!

What do you call an owl dressed in armor?
– A knight owl.

What’s an owl’s favorite subject at school?
– Owl-gebra.

Why didn’t the owl college student study for his flying test?
– He wanted to wing it.

When does an owl go “Woof”?
– When it’s learning a new language!

Why don’t owls study for tests?
– They prefer to wing it.

Did you hear about the California owl conspiracy network?
– They’re allegedly calling themselves the “ca-hoots.”

What does an owl need after having a bath?
– A t-owl.

Why do owls go out to party every Saturday night?
– They love a hoot time.

How far can an owl turn its head?
– Typical answer: 360 degrees!
– Reply: Only once! (Owls can turn their heads 270 degrees in either direction, but not all the way around.)

What do you get if you cross an owl with a skunk?
– A bird that smells, but doesn’t give a hoot.

Where do owls go to buy their young baby clothes?
– To the owlet malls.

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