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Orange Jokes 🍊 in 2022

What happens when two oranges collide?
– They get en-tang-led!

What did the old orange see before it died?
– The grim ripe-r.

My grandfather survived agent orange during the Vietnam war. My great grandfather survived mustard gas in WWII.
– I come from a line of seasoned veterans.

If a watchmaker uses Dial and a piano player uses Ivory and a Orange grower uses Zest…
…Does a Bull Fighter use Olay?

What happened when the orange broke out of prison?
– All hell broke juice!

Why did the orange have a sad Halloween this year?
– Because he was all zest up and had nowhere to go.

What did the orange say to its Environmental Science teacher?
– “Climate change isn’t peel!”

My friend said to me “what rimes with orange?”
– And I said “No it doesn’t.”.

I finally figured out why Donald Trump is orange.
He lives in a Fanta Sea.

What would you get when you mix an orange-flavored soda and a twig?
– A fanta-stick combination!

Why was the orange so impatient this whole time?
– Because it did not like to wait and C.

Why was red in awe of orange?
– Because orange blue green.

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