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Orange Jokes 🍊 in 2023

Why was the orange always on the edge?
– Because he had a seed of doubt planted in him.

Why did the orange want the entire world to drown in orange juice?
– Because it was his Fanta-sea.

Why was the orange crying in his room today?
– Because someone hurts its peelings.

Comparing the number of Instagram hashtags for #apple and #orange
– really is apples and oranges

Knock-Knock. Who’s there? Orange.
Come right in, Mr. Trump.

Why did the orange turn into orange juice?
– It couldn’t handle the pressure.

Why was the orange sad when he found out he was missing a piece?
– Because his segment a lot to him.

Why was the orange blushing?
– Because he walked in on the salad dressing!

What’s fat, orange and that everyone avoids?
– A traffic cone.

*what did you expect?*

What type of orange juice do people with ADHD have trouble drinking?

What happens when oranges get into a fight?
– Things get juicy!

How did the orange come back to life after dying?
– It made a peel with the devil.

The girl I like really loves orange soda. Sadly, she’s way out of my league.
– Is this a Crush, or just a Fanta-sy?

Did you hear about the astronaut whose request to bring an orange on the space shuttle was declined?
It was a fruitless Endeavor

I just got a new cat. I named him Nothing.
– Because he’s orange and Nothing rhymes with orange.

Why did the orange fail in his exams?
– Because of a lack of concentration.

Why did the half orange miss his kid’s birthday?
– Because he wasn’t a-round.

Can you all please stop hating on Pepsi, Coke, and Orange Crush?
– Seriously, it’s soda pressing.

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