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Hot Dog jokes ๐ŸŒญ in 2022

Knock knock!
– Who is out there?
– Annie.
– Annie who?
– Annie way you can stop gobbling the hot dog and start enjoying it slowly?

Is a hot dog a sandwich or a sub?
– Itโ€™s just a hot dog. No bun intended.

Why did the hot dog vendor get fired?
– Because she put her hair in a bun.

What does a hotdog call his wife?
– Honey bun.

– *As told buy my 7 year old.*

I want to start a kosher hotdog company
– And call it Anne Franks…

What happened when the hot dog made a movie?
– It became an Oscar wiener.

Why did the vegan hot dog cross the road?
– To prove that he wasn’t chicken.

Just last week a smiling Barack Obama overpaid for hot dogs at my stand, but kindly insisted I “keep the change, son, I don’t want it”
– It was at this moment I realized how far our beloved president had truly fallen.

My girlfriend asked me if hotdogs were good for her diet
– I replied, “They’re not the wurst”

Can a hamburger marry a hot dog?โ€ฆ
– Only if they have a very frank relationship!

What made the hot dog furious?
– He was getting roasted.

Why did the hot dog refuse to act in the movie?
– Because none of the rolls were good enough.

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