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Space Jokes ๐Ÿš€ in 2021

Why did the cow go to outer space?
-To visit the milky way.

Three people were all bragging about their country. The first person says, โ€œWe were the first in space!โ€
-And the second responds, โ€œWell, we were first on the moon! Beat that!โ€
So the third person says, โ€œWell, thatโ€™s nothing. Me and my crew are going to the sun!โ€
โ€œHow are you gonna do that?โ€ said the other two.
โ€œWell, duh! We are gonna go at night!โ€

What did the space turkey say to the other space turkey?
– Hubble Hubble.

When our solar system was formed, the sun was in charge.
-So, the planets started a revolution.

Why donโ€™t aliens eat clowns?
-Because they taste funny.

What do you get when a spaceman loses his mind?
– An astro nut.

Why canโ€™t you tell anyone about space?
-Because itโ€™s too out of this world!

How do space cowboys wrangle their cattle?
-A tractor beam.

What did the astronaut say when he crashed into the moon?
– I Apollo-gize.

Why donโ€™t aliens eat clowns?
-Because they taste funny!

Why did Venus have to get an air conditioner?
-Because Mercury moved in.

How do you get a baby in space to sleep?
-You rocketโ€ฆ

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