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Wednesday jokes in 2022

“What did the shark say when he ate the clownfish?”
—”This tastes a little funny.”

Why are Sundays stronger than Wednesdays?
– Because Wednesday is a week-day.

“Why aren’t koalas actual bears?”
– “They don’t meet the koalafications.”

What’s wrong with Tiger Woods?
– He thinks every day is Hump Day.

A Husband came home late at night from the office one day and realised he forgot his Wife’s birthday…
– “How would you feel if you don’t see me for next few days?” His wife said

– He couldn’t believe his luck. He replied at once. “Wowww…..That would be great!”

– Monday passed & he didn’t see her….

– Tuesday he didn’t see her…

– and Wednesday passed too…

– On Thursday the swelling was better as he caught a glimpse of her from the corner of his left eye.

On Monday, Hitler told 1 lie.
– On Tuesday, he again told 1 lie.

– On Wednesday, he told 2 lies.

– On Thursday, 3.

– On Friday, 5.

– On Saturday, 8.

– And on Sunday, Hitler told 13 lies.

– That is the fibber-Nazi sequence.

Why are Superman’s powers useless on Wednesday evenings?
– Because he goes to his weekly Bitcoin meeting and it’s his crypto-night.

One day the president holds a speech to a huge group of people:
– “From now on everybody is only going to work on Wednesdays”.
– Hearing the news, everyone starts cheering with joy and happiness. After a few minutes, one guy from the crowd asks:
– “Every Wednesday?”

Why was Saturday stronger than Wednesday?
– Because Wednesday is a week day.

My boss asked me “this is the third time you’ve been late to work this week… do you know what this means?”
I said
– “…it’s Wednesday?”

What is it that the Wednesdays’ dream to be?
– They only dream and wish of becoming Thursdays.

“Hey, guess what day it is!”
– “Wine Wednesday.”

What do you call Wednesdays at the gym for pirates?
– Peg day

What are the 7 Irish drinking holidays?
– Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

What’s the worst part about friday afternoons?
– Realizing it’s only wednesday.

Why didn’t ‘Mean Girls’ wear black on Wednesday?
– Because they say, “We wear pink on Wednesdays”.

I told my uncle about photoshop. He sent this a week later.”

What day creates the most alternative energy?
– Winds-Day.

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