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Taco Jokes 🌮 in 2024

Bought a huge flatscreen tv for $20 in an alley way after eating fast food
-But when I got home and plugged it in a big Taco Bell menu popped up

Why did the baker open a tortilla factory?
-For the extra dough!

I love Taco Bell so much that I even enjoy being *asked* what style of tacos I want…
-I get hard every time.

I don’t want to taco
-’bout it any more.

What does Pac-Man put on his tacos

What did Bishop Charles Ellis grab at Taco Bell?
-an Ariana Grande.

You can’t tell a taco a secret,
-they always end up spilling the beans.

What did the Corndog say to the Taco?
-Your meat’s showing!

Just passed a road sign advertising Blue Taco brand tacos…
-My wife asked me, “Is that the female equivalent of blue balls?”

When I was asked if I preferred burritos or tacos, I didn’t know how to answer
-I was stuck between a guac and a hard place.

Whats the difference between my son and taco bell
– I love taco bell

Where are the best tacos served?
-In the Gulp of Mexico!

I don’t like it when you make tacos.
-They’re nacho best dish.

Shout out to Taco Bell hot sauce packets
-For teaching me how to flirt!

native spanish speakers: our language has existed for over 1500 years and is the second-most spoken on earth
– **taco bell:** cool… well we made up some new words for y’all

I really want to go to the new Mexican restaurant that just popped up down the road.
-It’s become the taco the town.

Rich people have…
-Rich people have colon cleanses
Poor people have taco bell

What is a restaurant for robots called?
-Dell taco

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