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Turtle Jokes 🐢 in 2022

My pet turtle died.
-I’m not upset, just shell-shocked.

How did the musician turtle get off his back?
-He rocked, and he rolled.

What happens to you when you wish to buy a turtle?
-You have to shell out a lot of money.

An electrical fault at the zoo saw the entire tortoise population electrocuted.
– It was a turtle disaster.

Why do turtles never forget?
-Because they have turtle recall.

What did the cow say to the turtle?
-Get a mooove on.

Why did the turtle go to AT&T
– because he couldn’t sprint

What do you call a famous turtle?
-A shellebrity.

Why couldn’t the famous Ninja Turtle cross the road?
-Because he didn’t have enough turtle power.

What can you catch from a vampire in winter-time?

Where does a turtle go when it’s raining?
-A shell-ter.

What type of turtles are easiest to spot?
-Green “see” turtles.

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