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Sheep jokes 🐑 in 2023

What do sheep wear to the beach?
– A baa-kini

How many sheep does it take to knit a sweater?
– Don’t be silly — sheep can’t knit!

Where do sheep go to watch funny videos?
– Ewe Tube.

How do you milk a sheep?
– Sell headphones for $549.

A guy walks into a sheep pen,
– “Hey, where’s the baa-tender ?!”

How do sheep in Mexico say Merry Christmas?
– “Fleece Navidad!”

A flock of sheep suddenly surrounded me.
– It was a lambush!

What’s a sheep’s favorite fruit?
– A baaaaaaaanaaaaaana

Did you hear about the sheep that climbed over the mountain instead of around it?
– He took the path of fleece persistence.

I couldn’t figure out why a male sheep is called a Ram…
– Then it hit me.

hat animal sounds like a sheep but isn’t?
– A baaaa-boon.

Who is a sheep’s favourite singer?
– Britney Shears.

How did the Scottish man find the sheep in the tall grass?
– satisfying

Did you hear Wyoming has a new use for sheep?
– Wool

How do sheep greet each other at Christmas?
– Merry Christmas to Ewe!

What do you call a bunch of sheep rolling down the hill?
– A lamb slide.

What do you call 100 sheep rolling down a hill?
– A lamb-slide.

How can you milk a sheep?
– Release a new iPhone.

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