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Elf Jokes 🧝 in 2022

In what kind of car do elves travel to Santa’s workshop?
– A Toy-ota!

What’s the first thing elves learn in school?
– The elf-abet.

How many elves does it take to change a light bulb?
– Ten: One to change it and nine to stand on one another’s shoulders.

Why are elves so cold at Christmas?
– Because it’s in Decembrrrrr.

Why did the elf spell Christmas N-O-E?
– Because he overheard Santa say “No L” when he walked by.

What do vegetarian elves eat?
– Elfalfa.

What is an elf’s favorite type of cookie?
– Shortbread.

What do you call an elf who’s won the lottery?
– Welfy.

What was the elf’s favorite sport?
– Miniature golf.

What’s did the North Pole school teacher call Santa’s helpers?
– Subordinate clauses. (FYI: a subordinate clause is a group of words that has both a subject and a verb, but cannot stand alone as a sentence.)

What do you do if you can’t hire a professional?
– Do it your elf.

Why was Santa’s helper sad?
– He had low elf-esteem!

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