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Pickle Jokes 🥒 in 2024

What if life gives us pickles instead of lemons?
– We all just dill with it.

What do you say to a pickle in the morning?
– “Rise and brine!”

Why do we refer to problems as pickles?
– Because they’re dill-emmas!

On what radio station would you hear Bob Dill-on?
– Vlasic rock.

What did the baby cucumber say to the pickle?
– Let’s watch Pickleodeon!

Why do people refer problems to pickles?
– Because they have big dill-emmas.

What do you call a pickle sale?
– A sweet dill!

What is a pickle doctor named?
– A dill pusher.

What happens when life gives you pickles instead of lemons?
– You dill with it.

Why is the pickle container always open?
– Because it’s ajar.

What did the pickle say when he walked into the casino and sat down at the card table?
– Dill me in.

What do you call a pickle stuck with work-from-home?
– Gherkin from home.

What do you do when a pickle wants to play cards?
– Dill ’em in.

Why shouldn’t you shoot pool using a pickle?
– Because you’ll find the cue cumbersome.

What is green and pecks at trees?
– Woody Wood-pickle.

I’m like a jumbo kosher pickle.
– Guess you could say I’m a pretty big dill.

What would you call a pickle lullaby?
– Call it a cucumber slumber number.

Why are bananas better than pickles?
– Because they have a-peel.

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