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Camel jokes 🐫 in 2023

Where did the knight park his camel?
– Camelot.

What’s the difference between King Arthur and Cleopatra?
– One had Camelot and the other had a lot of camels!

How does a camel take its coffee?
– With one or two lumps of sugar.

What’s different between riding a camel and a horse?
– Camel riding has its ups and downs.

What do you call two funny camels joking in the middle east?
– Funny camels

How do camels blend in?
– With camel-flage

What did the camel say when he met his friend in the Sahara?
– “Long time no sea.”

What did the camel say to the ostrich?
– Nothing, it can’t speak.

Why do camels say they leave a party early?
– “Because they get the hump.”

What is the best day to eat Camel meat?
– Wednesday

How do you serve a camel a cup of tea?
– Ask them if they want one hump or two?

What’s the difference between a one-humped camel and a two-humped camel?
– A hump.

What’s Aladdin‘s favorite tea?
– Jasmine and camel-mile.

What’s the difference between Cleopatra and King Arthur?
– One had Camelot and the other had a lot of camels.

A camel can work all week without drinking..
– A man can drink all week without working.

Why was the camel always fed up of this partner?
– Because she was always giving him the hump!

What did the director of the desert movie say?
– “Lights, camel-ra, action!”

What kind of camel throws a hissy fit when you milk it?
– A drama-dairy.

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