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Camel jokes 🐫 in 2023

Where did the knight park his camel?
– Camelot.

Why did the camel cross the road?
– Because there are no chickens in the desert.

What is a camel’s favorite place to visit?
– Camel-bodia.

What did the camel say to the ostrich?
– Nothing, it can’t speak.

What does a camel ask when they give you a cup of tea?
– One hump or two?

When the caravan (flock) was asked what it wanted for dinner,
– a camel replied ‘just deserts’.

What do you call a camel with no humps?
– Humphrey (hump-free).

What do you call a camel you can’t see?
– A camo.

What’s a camel’s favorite holiday carol?
– “Oh Camel, All Ye Faithful.”

Riding a camel really isn’t as hard as they say it is.
– Once you get over the first hump, the rest is easy.

How does a camel go across the desert without going hungry?
– Because of all the sand-wiches there!

A camel can work all week without drinking.
– A man can drink all week without working.

What did the director of the desert movie say?
– “Lights, camel-ra, action!”

One camel to another…
– Wanna Hump?

What’s the difference between a camel and a Russian?
– A camel can walk for 30 days without drinking but a Russian can drink for 30 days without walking.

What do you call a camel that has no humps?
– Humphrey!

How does a cool camel greet his buddies?
– “How you dune?”

“Life is like a camel, you can make it do anything but back up.
– ” — Marcelene Cox

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