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Tiktok jokes 💃🏻 in 2022

It’s 2020. We need to WAKE UP. The biggest threat to humanity is here. This world is dying. We NEED to do something about this. We can’t let this virus take over humanity.
– Someone delete TikTok ffs.

TikTok does one thing well.
– Darwinism

Burgundy sauce joke
– Check out what happens if you say Burgundy Sauce on Snapchat and then play it backwards by Michael Heid.

I went to a party dressed in flags. It was a semaphore-mal.

My girlfriend keeps telling me I should make a TikTok
– Because I’m really good for about 15 seconds.

I’ll see my way out.

Why do Redditors hate clocks?
– Cause every second they Tik Tok.

Now that Oracle has bought TikTok…
…you can finally get a TikTok certification for $200 that expires in one year.

I had a nightmare that my TikTok account got banned
– For a second, i was really scared that i had TikTok

They say it’s the American Dream to make your own money,
– but then we imprison counterfeiters, so what message are we really sending?

What’s a place a TikTok star could go and not be noticed?
– A bar

I bought a new clock. Total waste of money.
– It’s spends all day doing tik toks.

A Chinese-owned social media platform has been poisoning breath mints to accomplish their goals.

– It’s the TikTok tic tac tactic.

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