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Programming Jokes 💻 in 2022

Why do programmers like dark mode?
– Because light attracts bugs

My friend quit his job as a programmer…
– He didn’t get arrays.

Why did Johnny fail his programming class?
– His mom kept telling him to do his homework, “No ifs, ands, or buts!”

I’m so good at programming I don’t even need to test before I ship code.
– Sent my program last week and haven’t heard of any problems since!
Junior Helicopter Auto-Pilot Software Developer

Why do programmers wear glasses?
– Because they can’t C#

How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
-none, that’s a hardware problem

Once you stop doing functional programming…
– You never return

What do programmers do when they’re hungry?
– They grab a byte

My fiance is finishing a web development program next month, and I am having some cookies made. I need some coding puns to put on some of them that will go along with the theme of graduation, we’re proud, etc.
-So far, all I have is “git push, git paid.”

Why was the programming language afraid when it entered the arena?
-It had enumerable foes.

Programmers hate roman numerals.
– But I can’t zero in on why

Programmer’s Valentine
– If I could represent my life using 32-bit signed integers, you would be -2,147,483,648 because you are the Most Significant Bit of my life.

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