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Dolphin jokes 🐬 in 2022

What do dolphins use to clean their houses?
– All-porpoise cleaner!

Where do dolphins go to sleep?
– In their water beds!

When the dolphin was feeling sad, how did the octopus make him laugh?
– With ten-tickles.

What do dolphins say when they hear bad jokes?
– “That’s the seal-iest thing I’ve ever heard.”

If you think swimming with dolphins is expensive, swimming with sharks cost me an arm and a leg.

Which type of dolphin is most likely to try and sell you something?
– The door to dorsals person.

What does a dolphin ask when he doesn’t understand?
– “Can you be more Pacific?”

What did the man say to the dolphin at the magic show?
– “Pick a cod, any cod!”

I was doing an aquarium tour when we finally arrived at my favorite stop, the dolphins! The dolphins were split into two separate tanks. In the first tank, they were all frolicking about, playing with balls, and doing flips. In the second tank, the dolphins were training and swimming around seriously, trying to master new tricks.
– I asked the guide, “Is this tank here for the more serious dolphins?”
– The guide replied, “Yes, for all intensive porpoises.”

Do dolphins ever get tired of swimming?
– No they’ve alwaves got energy for it.

There is no-fin better than when you find dolphins on a boat trip.

What’s the best way to hear what dolphins have to say?
– Listen to their podcast!

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