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Dolphin jokes 🐬 in 2023

What do dolphins use to clean their houses?
– All-porpoise cleaner!

What is a dolphin’s favorite game to play at parties?
– Salmon says.

Who helps sick dolphins at the underwater hospital?
– Sturgeons.

A dolphin that has no parents is known as a dorphan.

What’s a dolphin’s favourite type of music?
– Orchastral music of course!

Why do dolphins enjoy living in salt water?
– Because pepper water makes them sneeze.

What did the ocean say to the dolphin?
– Nothing, it just waved!

What happened to the dolphin that left SeaWorld to have a family in the ocean?
– She was reporpoised.

What did the baby dolphin say when he was sad?
– Nothing, he just whale-d!

Why did the dolphin cross the road?
– To get to the other tide.

What did the dolphin say to his friend who kept telling tale after tale after tale?
– Stop spouting nonsense would you!

I heard that scientists have started using drinks containers to connect more with dolphins,
– the reasoning being that bottle knows dolphin.

Why don’t dolphins ever play tennis?
– Because they’re too scared of the net!

Why do dolphins always fail their school tests?
– Because they work below C level!

What is a dolphin’s favorite holiday?
– Fin-dependence Day!

Why don’t male dolphins have any hair?
– Because they have whale pattern balding.

Whenever a dolphin steals a fish off a whale they always say that it wasn’t on porpoise.

What made the dolphin suddenly blush?
– It saw the ocean’s bottom!

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