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Dolphin jokes 🐬 in 2022

What did the dolphin policeman say to his partner at the crime scene?
– Something smells fishy!

Did you know that dolphins are the most calculated animal
– they do everything on porpoise.

Dolphins are the best people to have round on pancake day because they have the best pancake flipper technique.

What do you call a male dolphin that has just had a baby?
– It’s a daddy dolphin (Irrawaddy dolphin).

Do you think I have mast-ered my dolphin puns yet?

What currency do dolphins use?
– Sand dollars!

What should dolphins always have to stay healthy?
– Vitamin sea.

Did you hear about the dolphin who went to his first party
– he had a whale of a time!

Why did the dolphin cross the road?

– To get to the other tide.

Wow that whale pun was killer!

Who helps poorly dolphins at the underwater hospital?
– Sturgeons!

What’s is a dolphin’s favourite day?
– Fin-dependence day!

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