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Dolphin jokes 🐬 in 2024

What is a dolphin’s favorite game to play at parties?
– Salmon says.

Who helps sick dolphins at the underwater hospital?
– Sturgeons.

A dolphin that has no parents is known as a dorphan.

What’s a dolphin’s favourite type of music?
– Orchastral music of course!

Why do dolphins enjoy living in salt water?
– Because pepper water makes them sneeze.

What did the ocean say to the dolphin?
– Nothing, it just waved!

What happened to the dolphin that left SeaWorld to have a family in the ocean?
– She was reporpoised.

What do dolphins use to clean their houses?
– All-porpoise cleaner!

What is a dolphin’s favourite game to play at parties?
– Salmon Says!

When the dolphin was feeling sad, how did the octopus make him laugh?
– With ten-tickles!

I went swimming with dolphins yesterday, but there was one problem.
– They were too clicky.

How do dolphins get their daily news and weather updates?

– Via podcasts.

When dolphins bake they tend to use all porpoise flour.

What did the Mama dolphin say when the Baby dolphin was late for dinner?
– Nothing, she just flipped!

Why did the dolphins get married?
– They were head over fins in love.

Dolphins are so smart that they can study in a library.
– The only problem is that it kills them.

What’s a dolphin’s favourite area of science to study?
– Nuclear fishin.

What aboat looking over the other side of the boat to see if you can spot any.

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