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Dolphin jokes 🐬 in 2022

What do dolphins use to clean their houses?
– All-porpoise cleaner!

What did Mummy dolphin say when little dolphin was late for dinner?
– Nothing, she just flipped!

Where do underwater dolphin races end?
– At the dol-phinish line!

What did the baby dolphin say when he was sad?
– Nothing, he just whaled!

What do dolphins say when they win a race?
– Shell yeah!

What do you call a dolphin with no money?
– A poor poise.

What’s the best way to hear what dolphins have to say?
– Listen to their podcast.

What did the dolphin policeman say to his partner at the crime scene?
– “Something smells fishy.”

How could the dolphin afford to buy a house?
– He prawned everything!

What do dolphins sing at Christmas?
– Tis the sea-son to be merry.

Are you shore you just spotted one?

Why was the dolphin so grumpy?
– He ate too many crabs.

What is a dolphin’s favorite game to play at parties?
– Salmon says.

Who helps sick dolphins at the underwater hospital?
– Sturgeons.

A dolphin that has no parents is known as a dorphan.

What’s a dolphin’s favourite type of music?
– Orchastral music of course!

Why do dolphins enjoy living in salt water?
– Because pepper water makes them sneeze.

What did the ocean say to the dolphin?
– Nothing, it just waved!

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