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Ford Jokes in 2023

What is the difference between a Ford and a shopping trolley?
– A shopping trolley is much easier to push.

What do you call a Ford with 200,000 miles on it?
– A lie.

My father works as a statistician at Ford.
-He must be pretty well-respected there, people are always asking for his auto graph.

What did the Toyota say to the Ford on the side of the road?
– Rust-in-peace.

According to a new poll 91 percent of people are satisfied with their lives.
-The other 9 percent own a Ford.

Why did the blonde stare at the Ford?
-It said Focus.

What should the Ford Mustang really be called?
-The Ford Rustang.

What is a Ford F125?
-An F150 that the bank still owns.

My friend is getting a new car – a “tangerine” ford focus. Dad drops this one…
-Tangerine focus… Isn’t that the same as orange concentrate?

Why do they fit ABS braking systems to the latest Fords?
-So the driver can stop quicker to pick up the fallen off parts.

What’s the difference between a Ford Fiesta and a Ford Focus?

Why did Harrison Ford Crash his plane?
-because he was flying solo and went look no hans…

What goes on pages 4-5 of the Ford’s user’s manual?
– The train & bus schedule.

The secret of enjoying a good bottle of wine:
-Open the bottle to allow it to breathe.
If it doesn’t look like it’s breathing, give it mouth-to-mouth.

Why do you want a Ford?
-Because its a-Ford-able

You’d think Henry Ford was African
-The way he Madagascar
^^^^I’ll ^^^^^let ^^^^^^myself ^^^^^^^out

Why did the cat sleep under the Ford Focus?
-Because he wanted to wake up oily.

What does Ford stand for?
-Found On Road Dead
My step dad is a super Chevy guy and told me this when I was young, drop your best Chevy/Ford jokes

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