Ford Jokes in 2021

Ford have announced their new car.
-But the Ford Siesta has caused some safety concerns.

Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford pass each other in the hallway (Oldie but a goodie)
-Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford pass each other in the hallway. Nixon bumps into Ford’s shoulder. Embarrassed, Nixon turns to Ford and says “Pardon me!”
And so he did.

Why do the new FORD Explorers have larger bumpers?
-To make it easier on the towe trucks.

Pick up lines change as you get older.
-In your 20’s – I have an original 1965 Ford Mustang.
In your 40’s – I have an original Picasso.
In your 60’s – I have my original hips

Which mammal absolutely loves Merlot and Cabernet?
-The Wineoceros.

Why did the Ford cross the road?
– To pick up the bits it lost yesterday.

When people ask if you have a Ford or Chevy?
-I just dodge that question

Fords coming out with heated tailgates.
-So your hands stay warm while you’re pushing it home.

What do you call a Ford with dual exhausts?
-A wheelbarrow

My neighbour recently bought a BMW, a Volkswagen, 2 Fords, a Toyota and a Chrysler…
-I think he’s got the car-owners virus.

I tried to start up a business as a Ford dealership
– I lost my focus

Why are FORD dealers giving away a dog with each FORD sold?
-So the owner has a companion to walk home with.


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