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Alpaca jokes 🦙 in 2022

Alpacas: Soon it’ll be the alpacalypse!
– Llamas: You mean llamageddon.

Wool, wool, wool, what’s going on here?

My alpaca’s favourite month is definitely Dec-hembra,
– or was it Nov-hembra?

What did the llama say when his wife asked for a divorce?
– “I guess alpaca my things.”

A llama walks into her house to see her husband in bed with another llama
– After a moment of intense silence, the husband gets up and says, “alpaca my bags.”

The alpaca’s are disappearing…
– could it be the alpaca-lypse?

What did the llama say when he was robbed?
– “I’ve been fleeced!”

When does a alpaca go “moo”?
– When it is learning a new language!

What happens when you stand between to llamas?
– You get llamanated.

When alpaca get sad,
– they just need to have a little cria.

Do you love my new alpaca coat?
– I wool lend it to you if you like!

Forget the alpaca-lypse- I’m more worried about llama-geddon!

What do you call a secret group of llamas?
– The i-llama-nati.

I only sing alpaca-pella.

Do you ap-peru-rove of the alpacas climbing on the furniture?

I over-herd the alpaca talking behind my back yesterday!

Two llamas were preparing to go on a trip, one asked “Did you pack Sunscreen yet?”
– the other responded with “No, but Alpaca few.”

Who’s a llama’s favorite composer?
– Wolfgang Llamadeus Mozart. If Llamas Could Tell Llama Jokes

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